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  • Amazon Customer - Good so far!

    I have only been using this for a short amount of time however what I have noticed is that I am in a much better mood because I'm not constantly exhausted and I have energy throughout the day. Prior to taking this I would work 11 and 212 hour shifts then always need to take a nap on my lunch break And br exhausted when I get home. I am 5 foot 11 and 170 pounds so now I'm not trying to lose weight but I do have to be careful to eat more then normal so counting calories is a must for me since this reportedly does make you lose weight. The other big benefit I have noticed is that I am much more focused at work and productive and it could just be a placebo effect but I seem to be getting better ideas and be more creative with my solutions as well. I purchased this at GNC where was on sale and buy one get one half off so it was a good deal but the price on Amazon is much better.

  • Elden A. - I stopped using it after doing good for 2 weeks but I can see it helped ...

    I stopped using it after doing good for 2 weeks but I can see it helped with my stretch marks and redness on my skin.

  • Gary Mollica - Attempted to contact Tech Support - they're as good as the product

    Too many glitches. I've been a Nero user since about Nero 4. I had a computer crash & lost the serial # for my Nero 11, says Nero will no longer support it to let me retrieve the #. Purchased Nero 16 Platinum. I have attempted to install it now approximately 7 times. Each time it goes through the initial setup stuff, then as soon as it starts to install, it stops & says "installation interrupted" & closes. Tried to use the Nero First Aid, same problem. Attempted to contact Tech Support - they're as good as the product. It will NOT let me send my inquiry because each time it says I don't have anything written in description. If you're not using Nero, what are other people using??? Don't need a lot of bells & whistles, usually just making DVDs & CDs...

  • TeamJJ - Wow, Outstanding Tale. It Ain't About Rome!

    A really good story with an unusual twist. I honestly thought this was about Rome until I met the elf. This story draws you in and makes you turn the pages faster. I will buy the second one and then eagerly await number three. No spoiler here but this book's epilog served to whet one's appetite for what's coming next.

  • Excellent for cravings and tiredness - Excellent for cravings and tiredness

    This is an excellent guide for those of us who feel tired and have carb cravings. It does a good job of explaining things without being too technical. It really helped me as a first step in controlling my cravings and weight.

  • Gooney Bird - Reception worsens

    Quality build is fine, attaches in seconds. But, my reception diminished dramatically. Whenever I went behind trees, the signal dropped. Stations that were clear with the stock whip are no longer picked up. Does vanity win out?

  • indyCoder - The SBG6580 can actually be a niece all-in-one device if you have the patience and know-how to get it configured right.

    First off, there is a feature called 'IP Flood Detection' that needs to be disabled. (It is located under the Firewall page) By default, it is turned ON. When ON, this feature eventually causes everything to slow to a crawl. Turn it OFF (uncheck box) and you will never go slow again. This is certainly a failing on Motorola's part to default a poor-functioning feature ON in the first place.