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  • Alison - Great Size, Good Price

    Tea tree oil is one of those natural all-purpose staples in my household. It's a cleaner, disinfectant, bug repellent. I usually can find it in 1 oz bottles. I was happy to find this size. It's a good price, too.

  • Gia B - Don't waste your money

    I do not believe this is the true BioSilk Hair Serum, as I have used it many times and this one seems to evaporate and will not order from this seller again... The giveaway should have been the price for the amount of product .. Don't waste your money ..and I will be contacting the seller

  • Benjamin Smith Jr. - I do laugh when my wife and step son talk to him like like he a pet

    Everyone in the family likes Cozmo. I do laugh when my wife and step son talk to him like like he a pet. In the beginning they were spending hours with this toy. Not so much a week later. My step son who is 13 seems to play mostly in explorer mode where you get to drive him around using the app. I have briefly used the SDK and that seems like something I will explorer in greater detail. I using a Macbook Pro connected to iPad running the app in order to run sample python scripts. I think sparking the imagination of a teenager or perhaps someone much older in robotics or computer programming would be a good fit for this after the novelty wears off. Some have commented that it is very expensive for a toy and I would agree but not if it is used for further learning or other creative uses.

  • mich3ll35 - This shampoo smells great, like oranges

    After trying another natural shampoo for our pup, I was searching Amazon for a product I had previously viewed that was a clay product that was a "clay mask" for dogs. Our little girl dog has sensitive skin and I despise using flea treatments because of the side effects. I was hoping the bentonite clay would help soothe her skin and protect it for a week between shampoos. Then I found this product. This shampoo smells great, like oranges, lathered nicely, and rinsed clean - a lot easier and cleaner than the commercial shampoos. Our pup did receive relief and we find it is necessary to re-shampoo once a week. There is no drying of the skin. Actually, her fur and skin are softer and more shiny than before we shampooed her. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a dog with sensitive skin or just want a natural shampoo that works great! And another great benefit is that the fleas fall dead right off her as we lather her up.

  • John Welch - great everyday ball

    I think I am good enough to tell the difference between great balls and mediocre ones. They don't feel quite as nice as a Titleist, but at a fraction of the cost it is a great everyday ball.

  • Rick Marchione - Great Taters

    Best tasting "instant" real mashed potatoes I've ever had and so easy to prepare. We sure are happy to find these at Amazon. Our local grocer for years carried these, and with no explanation, just gone, off the shelve, never to return. Thank you Amazon

  • Roblimo - For calm, not sleep

    This isn't quite the "it'll make you go to sleep right away" panacea the friend who turned me on to this stuff claimed, but it's really good at helping me relax even in the face of my (often blinding) neuropathy pain. The same company makes a specific sleep aid, which I will now try, and I'll keep using their "calm now" for general.... calming.