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  • Ranndella - Great pair of running shoes!

    Really comfy shoes, fits perfectly. Really love the style. Matches everything! Definitely have gotten a lot of compliments.

  • Steven - Holy Crap this is an AMAZING unit!

    I use this 3-4 times a day and probably increased sales exponentially having made so many for friends and family. This unit is rock solid and there is no complaints. The quality and speed to squeeze every ounce out of fresh ground beans is exceptional. I did my homework on this puppy and I suppose those that rated it below 3 starts are fools. Next to paying the mega bucks fro a commercial unit, this is as close as you can get to going to Starbucks as you ever will. Easy to use. My only comment is not to pack the grounds too tight. Just enough to form a smooth surface will do the trick. I packed it pretty hard the first few times and it sounded like my grandfather trying to pee you guys know what I mean.! Best investment I have made on Amazon!

  • Scottyc2 - Love great coffee? Look no further.

    20 Months ago I bought one of the elite units, loved it and it worked like a champ the whole time brewing that perfect cup consistently (and we have 4 heavy coffee drinkers using it multiple times per day never turning it off). Then, it stopped working. Got this one 6 weeks ago and haven't missed a beat. Same great cup of coffee consistently, larger water capacity, more brewing sizes, quieter (the pump seems stronger in this one), the automatic turn off feature and we love the touch screen! Well Done.

  • Michael J. Sutherland - AutoCAD LT is the perfect release for the individual who is only needing to ...

    AutoCAD LT is the perfect release for the individual who is only needing to use it for 2D drafting and design. Powerful drafting features allow an individual to create solid prints for machining or other building projects as well as creating designs in the AutoCAD drawing file format for use in various CNC router platforms. So far from my experience, no other CAD platform has really come close to the 2D versatility of AutoCAD LT in its various incarnations since I learned on AutoCAD LT 2000.

  • Rush Reviews - Perfect to spoil yourself or a perfect gift set. A little goes a long way so these are sure to last.

    Classic set of six 10ml therapeutic grade essential oils. I have loved using oils as long as I can remember. Burning oils has been a regular thing for me. I prefer the oils over any air freshener, incense or any other type of fragrance dispersion process. In my opinion, nothing compares to the oils. They smell stronger yet are soothing. Unlike incense they do not irritate. The fragrance seems to seep into surroundings allowing it’s soothing smell to linger and continue to enhance your surroundings. This set of six are are a nice selection of pleasant fragrances. My favorite in this set would have to be a toss up of Lavender and Eucalyptus. These oils can reduce stress and give more tranquil peace of mind. Then there's the fact these are organic which is a big deal to a lot of people nowadays. With no harsh chemicals. Their performance really reflects their quality.

  • K & A Kelly - This TEAS study guide 2015 is not close to being a good scholarly source and not does it match up with ...

    This book is full of errors, the largest being a heart model that is incorrectly labeled, reversal of nucleotide definitions, grammatical errors, math problems not worked correctly, etc. If you are studying for the TEAS, find another source. This TEAS study guide 2015 is not close to being a good scholarly source, nor does it match up with the TEAS test I just took a week ago. I requested a refund and luckily caught the errors in learning prior to the test.