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  • Cleveland Chick - Floors become progressively cleaner with every use-

    I was initially disappointed with this floor steamer, but now that I've perfected my technique of using it, I love it. In short -- and this could be a deal-breaker for some, but not for others: I have learned if you have dogs (like us) you will need to vacuum up the dog hair and chunks of mud that get tracked into the house before using the steamer. (My old plain-jane vacuum cleaner did this hard-floor vacuuming just fine, and my new Dyson vacuum does it even better, with a setting specifically for vacuuming hard floors.) Next, I have noticed that during the mopping with this Bissell steamer, when the floor is still damp, there will be very fine dirty-looking wipe marks left criss-crossing the floor (from the back-and-forth mopping motion.) I initially stressed about this, but have come to realize that when the floor dries, these disappear. Finally -- and this is why I LOVE this streamer: Sometimes to speed the drying (from about 3 minutes to instant) I bend down and wipe the section I just steamed with a clean, white rag. For the first six or seven uses, that wiping would bring up black. Now, after using the Bissell steamer for about a month, any wiping I do to speed-dry the floor brings up no dirt at all. Our lifestyle and dogs haven't suddenly become cleaner ... it's this steamer that's made our floors inherently cleaner.

  • Mlak Sva - Useful product

    Like many things made by Sperry, It is useful and simple to use. It pretty much tells you what is going on with your AC wiring at a outlet receptacle. The LED lighting is bright, you can see it from 15 feet away in the daylight.

  • Poingdexter - Poor Quality

    Poor Quality, handle fell pulled off first use. Use plumbing cement to fix. Weeks later would not pull vacuum. Used oil to swell seal. 12 months later not working at all. When is worked, it was great. Looking for better quality product.

  • Amazon Customer - ... that came with the light bar would not be good quality. I was right

    I bought this wiring kit in fear that the one that came with the light bar would not be good quality. I was right. This wiring kit has a great rocker switch that lights up blue when it is on as a reminder. Great quality on the wiring itself. Would've made things faster and easier if they had better instructions instead of the generic illustration of how the circuit is laid out. Worth the extra money

  • AK Patel - Charging Beast!

    This is a beast! I finally have the ability to charge multiple devices all at once. This a really nice compact, portable, and high quality charging station. I would recommend to keep this in an busy workplace or create a charging station. I actually got two of these, one in my kitchen and one for my office. I have three iphone charges an three micro-usb hooked up at all times. Now I don't have to worry about looking for chargers around the house and I don't have to worry about my brother stealing mine either. Whenever anyone in the family needs to charge something, they know exactly where to go and just plug it in. In addition, they can't jut take all the chargers with them so it will definetly stay in that one place. Just find it, plug it in, and you're good to go. In addition, all 6 of these ports are high speed usb ports and will work at the optimal speed your battery can handle. This is a great charging station. Highly recommended!