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  • Diane N. - Disappointed

    Really disappointed with this product. I was going to order these off the rayban site but saw this was 76$ cheaper so went with these, well, I should have just ordered off the rayban site. I bought some RB5228 model glasses from my eye vision place and LOVE THEM, they are my favorite glasses I've ever gotten. Unfortunately I've broken both arms off my glasses and fixed one arm but the other is missing so I ordered these to just switch my lenses into. These are smaller than my original glasses which I have no clue how that possible unless these are an older version of my glasses. Really really disappointed and annoyed. Will never be ordering glasses off of amazon again, sticking to the rayban site.

  • EECummings - Glad she passed

    Sent to sis. Her program taught from Kaplan style and she also practiced for 2 months working full time. Glad she passed!

  • Victoria G - VERY HAPPY with the product AND the service

    They look much nicer than the silver ones that were in the stove previously! The first shipment of this product was damaged and it was resent immediately! VERY HAPPY with the product AND the service!

  • Laura Godfrey - these are like hotel soaps

    I thought I was ordering the large bars of soap, these are like hotel soaps, but they are useful for giving to friends and family who have skin problems and might benefit from trying it out.