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  • Isolde Gongsun - Can't live without this face wash. Break outs gone ...

    Can't live without this face wash. Break outs gone overnight, but will come back in 2 to 3 days if discontinue use. I'm growing dependency on it.

  • Thomas Evanov - phone or stereo the sound cracks and is horrible. As a phone it works pretty good

    First let me say the picture shows the device facing you with the aux plug facing away, but that's not how it comes. It's backwards. I forced it to rotate 180 degrees and it works as advertised now. Music streamed from my phone is very low volume and when turned up at the device, phone or stereo the sound cracks and is horrible. As a phone it works pretty good. I had a different brand last time and will get that one again when this one dies or I tire of it. I love how it speaks in Korean when you connect, cool. I wouldn't recommend this at the $30 dollar price tag.

  • barbara sicuranza - not authentic

    Not young living Theives oil, seems to be a false label. I am familiar with this oil, this is not the product it claims to be.

  • Maddy's mama - Amazing!

    Let me start this out by stating that I am in my 30's and have tried every acne product known to man for about 15 years. I have seen a dermatologist, resorted to birth control and used everything from neutrogena to murad, as well as proactiv. None of these worked for me, and most actually made my skin worse.

  • hoopette5036 - This product is awesome! I am a heavy cannibis "medicator"

    This product is awesome! I am a heavy cannibis "medicator". On a weeknight, when all the kiddies are asleep and business has been tended to, I suddenly have "whatever symptom I need to occur" and I can put 4 spliffs away. I am 6 feet tall, female, and 200+ lbs of sexy. I've used this product so many times I don't have that nasty anxiety sweat when going in for my testing. I KNOW the results are going to be negative. The only thing I implore you guys to do.............FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. I know you may feel that you aren't peeing fast enough, just relax! It will come! Also, drink plenty of water the day before so you're fully loaded for the 3-4 bathroom visits to make sure this is working. My husband uses this product as well. He's 6'3 and about 200 lbs.We haven't had an issue yet and we have been tested a total of 5 times in the past year. This is an awesome product....can't say enough about it.

  • Tatjana - This could very well be the reason...

    It's my first review on Amazon, and I made sure to remember to write it, despite having my hands full with the newborn, since I believe this tea was the reason why I had the labor and delivery I had. 33 year old first time mom, I must have read 15 books in preparation and packed all sorts of massaging and relaxation tools in my hospital bag, hoping for the natural unmedicated birth. My somewhat painful contractions started around 9:30pm. I was prepared for the long night ahead at home. Well, by 11:30 I had to wake my husband up to go to the hospital. Once we arrived, medical personnel somewhat took their time to admit me. Guess what, when they checked I was 8.5 dilated and ready to push 20 minutes later. 7 pound baby was born at 3:24am after 6 pushes, without any pain meds. According to my husband he flew out like a rocket. And did I mention it was actually on his due date. I have been drinking this tea before getting pregnant, and then starting second trimester one bag daily, sipping for 20 minutes. During last 2 weeks I used 2 bags a day. It must be the tea, since my mom was in labor with her first for over 20 hours, same as I expected for myself. Seven days later I'm drinking it to help my body heal. Don't get me wrong, labor still hurt like nothing I've felt before, but it was fast and a very profound experience. Highly recommend!

  • john p. - AWESOME!!!!!

    Excuse my language but this treadmill is the s***!!!!! I love to run, compliments of the military and the Feds, but the traditional running was killing my knees and ankles. I had to go a different route because there was no way that I was going to give up running. I did my research and low and behold I found the 505 CST. I received the treadmill via pilot crate, took me roughly 1 and a half hours to put together, had all the required screws and bolts and has done nothing but good things for me. I am VERY VERY pleased with the Proform 505 and I recommend it to anyone who is trying to get a quality treadmill for a reasonable price. Very strong and durable. I thank Proform for such a high quality treadmill.