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  • Nikki A - Still love this treadmill!

    I know it says that this model is discontinued however it was 5 yrs ago when I order my Sole F80 and by far it is still the best piece of workout equipment I have ever invested in. It is sturdy. The tread is flex and the length of the belt is plenty long for me at 5'6" to have a nice stride that's not compromised. I highly recommend Sole for any of their equipment- high quality at an affordable price for your home gym. In 5 yrs the only problem that I've had is the fact that the stickers on the machine tend to curl up from being in my garage gym. Great treadmill- it's one of the first things I show people that come visit me for the first time. Thanks Sole!

  • Janeene - Love Netflix

    Would like to newer movies added however we are avid Netflix users and would recommend it to anyone who loves to watch movies, tv shows etc.

  • N. Foss - This works like magic

    I had a similar item made by a different manufacturer before that was "accidentally" thrown away by a family member, so this was a replacement. This works so much better than that other item. The other one would lose vacuum after a day or two, but this one maintains vacuum for over 5 days. I even had one bottle (of a very good wine) that we left from weekend to weekend and the suction remained in tact. The clicking noise is really a great feature to let you know when the vacuum is at the right pressure. Overall an excellent item.

  • Shop 24/7 - Stronger Hair

    My hair started thinning from me wearing extensions. My hair is bra strap length naturally curly. Years ago I used hair loss products to get my hair thick again when I had it professionally colored. We all know that sometimes bleach can take a toll on hair.

  • mmoran98 - Arm Pad - Works for Me

    Fits great and works as promised. It helps protect the factory unit from abuse and dog claws. I also appreciate the added size and height it provides. I have also received a number of positive compliments on the "tread" design. I would recommend it.

  • Determnator - Intelliglass does the job

    Loved the protector, but with the new tablet update, it wasn't a perfect fit. I had previously tried to order the original tablet and ordered this with that one. Received the updated tablet (12/15) and it fit a little differently but will do it's job protecting my screen.

  • SquirlyGrl - Wonderful resource with lots of tips and information

    Wonderful resource with lots of tips and information. Will be using this book for years to come. GREAT Amazon price too!