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  • Eddie - She doesn't seem to like any other brand of formula

    This stuff tastes gross to me but the baby loves it. That's all that matters! She doesn't seem to like any other brand of formula, we tried em all.

  • My Opinion - Best Vitamins Since Nioxin

    I was original taking Hairfinity but decided to look for a product that worked for hair, skin and nails. I came across this product in my local Rite Aid and saw a ingredient called horsetail which struck my interest. So I brought them and taking them consistently daily in about three weeks my nails have grew like crazy and my nails don't grow at all. I've always been nubby so this was shocking to me. I've had problems growing my hair and I had a thin almost bald spot in the center of my head and I just recently realized my hair has flourished and that spot is no more yay! It's gotten thick almost like a darn cat but I'll take it compared to no hair at all. I did sub for a monthly subscription so I won't miss a day. These are the best thing since Nioxin. Start now, sub and have patience and watch you results

  • Joey L. - Very Helpful

    This was very helpful, especially for the math portion of the exam. It reviews match concepts that you may not have used since high school and includes lots of practice problems. For the English portion, there are plenty of hints and tricks that I found useful during the actual exam. The writing portion's hints are particularly useful and I definitely recommend using their practice prompts. The vocabulary section is also useful. Honestly, learning vocab is only so helpful on the exam, but if you learn a few new words you'll definitely see a couple come up. Even though this edition is old now (It's 2015), it will still help you... and save you a few dollars!

  • K.M. - So far it's great!!! No issues!!! Loveit!!!

    I purchased this on Kickstarter. The first few nights took some adjustment as I have a bad back. After the first few nights though I haven't had any issues since we started using this since probably mid December. My old mattress was a memory foam by Anatomic Global that we paid too much for looking back now. It is about 2 or 3 years old but it seemed like it was already starting to "bounce back" less than when we first bought it. It also held body heat too much. It wasn't uncommon to be throwing the covers off in the middle of the night due to being too hot. My back would also be stiff and hurting when I would first get out of bed. Now with this bed by Purple my wife and I don't get hot and my back doesn't hurt like it did with the old mattress. I'm not saying that my back doesn't ever hurt in the mornings anymore, it's just a lot less with this new mattress. I also don't wake up as much I used to with the old mattress, which was usually due to my back hurting. I don't know how it will hold up over time, but so far this is a big upgrade over the old mattress for a lot less money. I don't know if a mattress heating pad can be used on it because of the polymer top but, it hasn't been cold enough that I've needed it yet either. Time will tell how it will hold up. If your debating about buying one my advice would be to buy it.

  • Brian D. - healed my toe nail fungus

    My middle toe nail had gotten discolored, was chipping, flaking, bad shape to it, wavy top. It had over the course of about a year only gotten worse and worse. Then I started using this product. I had read about the oral Rx medications available, but that they had some potentially nasty side effects, and I didn't want to take the time off work to go see a doctor if this could work. I figured it was worth the gamble.

  • debbie g. - Outstanding

    Chuck Sambuchino has done it again. I trust every piece of information within these pages. These tips will not be found anywhere else. The quality is outstanding.

  • Michael - Great TV to use as a computer monitor

    I use this TV as a computer Monitor and it is very nice. The quality is great for the price and its WiFi is surprisingly quick and able to utilize my fast internet for a built in system. It is able to display 4:4:4 chroma in both 4k@30hz and at 4k@60hz while it is in PC source mode. It does indeed have a HDMI 2.0 port for at least the HDMI #1 slot. This is a great TV for the price and monitor setup.