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  • DebBee - Beautiful Scent

    LOVE this soak!! The floral scent is amazing, I don't really smell coconut in it at all, although that wouldn't be a bad thing, my feet feel moisturized, so that may be why it's in there. I put a couple of tablespoonfuls in some boiling hot water, for it to dissolve and then added some cool. I put my feet in it and I even my legs feel relaxed, no more foot/leg cramps.

  • Marly - Not my favorite out of the Invati trio

    Although I love the shampoo and conditioner that is part of this specific Invati trio I quit using this scalp revitalizer. It's drying and made my head itchy and doesn't seem to do anything particularly special beyond what the shampoo and conditioner

  • THill - Nothing Better to Highlight Breaking Bad's Last Episode

    A classic song 1960"s style, a classic musical ending to Breaking Bad (think about "baby blue" and the meth lab), and a great remaster for all of us to enjoy well into the future!

  • amznboi - Not a beginner/intermediate vball. Really need to keep playing it to like it.

    I ended up really liking this vball. It's definitely not a beginner's or intermediate's vball to use. It takes time to get used to it and has a higher learning curve. You have to adjust a lot of your skills with the MVA200, especially passing. I shanked my passes a lot when I first played with it. I had to really adjust my passing skills with the MVA200. It is not as forgiving as the other vballs. It is great for setters (grips easy), hitters and especially float servers. This vball floats like crazy if you hit the sweet spot. Also for float serves, it has a tendency to just drop in front of you.

  • Oleeve - Medical School Admission Requirements

    This book is very informative giving the detailed requirements for admission to medical school. It's a must read for any pre-med student. No regrets!

  • Hendrika - Really absorbs fast and makes skin around the eyes look better

    This Baebody Eye Gel really works great. As a busy mom of newborn twins who doesn’t get much sleep I noticed that in the morning I get more dark circles and puffy eyes. Together with the fine lines it makes me look more tired. This eye cream really gets results fast. After using the eye cream for a few days I already saw results. My fine lines are diminishing and more important my dark circles and puffy eyes are looking a lot better. I use the cream in the morning and in the evening after I have cleaned my face. It is very easy to apply. I just need a small amount and dap it into my skin around my eyes. The skin around my eyes feels cool when I apply the gel. The jar is really big for an eye gel so this jar will certainly go a long way. The dispenser is really different than other eye creams. You have to press down on the top and then you get a small amount of the eye gel. It is really hygienic and you always get the right amount of the eye gel. The scent of the eye gel is really nice too. Not a heavy fragrance but a nice fresh scent. The eye cream is made with a combination of organic and natural ingredients. It contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates and plumps your skin, Matrixyl 3000 which firms skin, Vitamin E, MSM and plant stem cells to strengthen skin to protect against sun damage and aging. I love that the gel is really smooth and light and it really is absorbed fast. It does not leave the skin sticky or greasy. And what is really important it does not bother my sensitive eyes and the thin skin around and under my eyes unlike other eye creams I used. The skin around my eyes really feels more hydrated and my fine lines and puffy eyes and dark circles are really improving. I am happy with the results and will keep on using this great eye gel. I can really recommend it. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • brian batista - Great product

    I was 160lbs couldn't gain any weight due ti my fast metabolism, tried everything and cb-1 seems to work for me as I gained 25lb in over a month. Currently at 195, I recomend this product to anyone whom wants to gain weight and feel better.