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  • Rancher - I researched the product further and found many people who had suffered the same difficulties I had and for some the side effect

    I gave this product one star because it horribly disturbed my gut. Gas and diarrhea and the most dehabilitating abdominal cramps. I researched the product further and found many people who had suffered the same difficulties I had and for some the side effects were worse. I would excercise caution in using this product. The concept is admirable. I believe in the concept. Maybe try 1/4 of a packet and hsee how you do. If all goes well, increase the dosage in small increments. I should say, I did take this product according to the package directions.

  • Bonnie - did the trick!

    I had been concerned when my husband continually was telling me I had bad breath. After using this product for just a few days, he no longer was telling me my breath was bad. Since using this product was the only change I had made, it obviously mean that it was working! I am continuing to use it and I am very satisfied. As others have said, though, don't expect a minty taste.

  • Roger Foreman - Upgraded huge accounts from 2011 to 2014 with essentially no problems

    Having read all the one star reviews I expected near disaster. Instead I was very pleasantly surprised.

  • Martin JM - Amazingly Priced.

    this is one third the price of "real" romaine. As far as I can tell,it works,so I'd be a fool to buy Rogaine. I am a regular purchaser of this. By the way, I am not bald, but age-related thinning is occurring. This seems to have halted it or at least slowed the process down.

  • S.Capp - Memory foam pillow heaven

    This pillow comes wrapped up tightly in a clear plastic bag with a handle,you have to unwrap it and pull the pillow to fluff it up. It's not that hard to do and has a very soft aloe Vera case over it. I like the way the pillow feels against my face when I go to bed. The pillow shapes to your head and cradles it and your neck as you sleep. I would highly recommend this pillow. It's exactly what I've been looking for it has shredded memory foam so it feels like a big fluffy pillow instead of a big thick piece of foam like regular memory foam pillows. I recieved this at a discount for a far honest review