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Country:, Europe, RU

City: 73.4 Omskaya Oblast', Russia

  • jlundin - Worked, but allergy reaction made me stop

    I am giving it three stars for the fact that I had a bad reaction and I can't tell if it is my allergy or a side affect of the product. I only applied it to the receding line at the front of my hair line. After two months of continual use peach fuz began to grow but as it came in I developed a resistible itch in that area. One day the itch got so unbearable I itched it for 2 seconds and my skin ripped right open. It made my skin very fragile. I learned to control the itching but I developed white heads in the area too so I just gave up on it.

  • C. Campbell - Five Stars

    Very helpful manual to have--great go to for quick do-it-yourself repairs and answers questions. Helpful pictures and instructions.

  • Ricky Khanna - Good attempt - hoping for better

    First thing I did like mentioned in other reviews was to go in and change the name of the players and if you have time u can also change the default players face to make a bit more lookalike.

  • myang - It works wonder.

    I have been using this for about 5 months. I had to reorder because I does work for me. I use it a couple of days in a row then stop for a few and repeat. I feel that this helps me eliminate all of my waste and all of the unhealthy food that I take in, especially after a big meal. This does trim my waistline a bit but considering I hardly ever exercise or diet, I am extremely please with the result. I drink lots of water (no soda) and usually in a few hours or so, I have to go but it's not a painful, emergency feeling. No smell or taste. I think I'm stuck with this for life.

  • Kathy and David Thacker - Poor Reception

    I bought this for my 2010 Grand Caravan. I don't like the stock antenna that sticks up so high, gets caught on my garage door, and beckons to all to to grab it and see how much of a wiggle they can get out of it. I was really hoping this little guy would be my solution.