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  • ross kessler - Save your Money

    when they say spray and forget it they are not kidding. You spray it on and it forgets to clean. This stuff is garbage, save your money. Im in the process of trying to get a refund on the 2 bottles i purchased.

  • J. Hynes - For Sensitive skin!

    Excellent for sensitive skin. My skin breaks out after almost everything, and it immediately calmed down after I started using this exclusively. It leaves my skin soft and clean, yet does not strip any moisture out (it is completely NON FOAMING). I have since tried many other "sensitive" facial washes, and none have compared to this one. It even removes make-up if massaged thoroughly (might need a rinse and second pass).

  • MaryJane - NOT Happy :( I rated with a 1 star but I wouldn't give it that

    I purchased this product for over $100.00. I can not access it, because the pass word will not work. THIS PRODUCT WAS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!!!! I have tried online help 3 times and the only thing they can do to help me is get me back into an account to purchase the product. NO HELP!

  • Michael B. Aronson - My "digital dishwasher"

    I love my Neatdesk. I use it in my home office as a "digital dishwasher" to clean up my paper messes. Everyday I clean out my pockets and load up the slots on the auto feed with business cards and receipts plus the days mail worth of bills, 1009s etc. When its about 3/4 full (the paper feed works better if you don't stuff it as full as possible) I run the NeatScan software and digitize everything. Then the paper goes into a monthly filing folder which hopefully I will never have to access again. If I have time then I will go into the inbox of the program and review and file all my ocr'd stuff into the right place in the NeatWorks software. I am a long time user of the portable scanner (which by the way works great (and much faster) with the upgraded software) so I know that I don't have to bother to correct any small ocr mistakes on business cards before filing since the image remains attached). If i don't have the time then, I will do the review and filing at a more convenient time. I've been using Neatreceipts since 2005 (I am an early investor in the company) and its really "neat" now to have all my stuff in the database for fast searching, retrieval and emailing. The only reason I don't give this a Five star is that I do agree that the document imaging needs to produce cleaner scans that are smaller in size. I've been promised this in an upcoming software release and I've seen the test results which look great. I continue to use my original Neatreceipts scanner (grey one) with the new software and database as well if my laptop is at the office or when on the road. Works great, no problem going back and forth. I also have used the scanner with Picasa photo capture and editing software with good results.

  • Melanie Squires - Best device ever

    Best device ever. Great aerator for wine and neat product. Wonderful gift as well!! Easy to use, easy to clean... Just an awesome product. Everyone I use it with ends up ordering their own! I've sold at least 10 just this week!!

  • Amazoner - The best water conditioner ever

    The best water conditioner ever. Removes chlorine from tap and ammonia form the tank, helped me cycle a new tank without a single fish lost and nothing but this, a thermometer and a bucket. A+