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  • cleo0317 - Not for Everyone.

    It doesn't work for everyone.. I am diabetic and you read the success stories for people with and without I stopped loosing weight when I started the challenge actually... I was loosing 2-4lbs a week eating right and moderate exercise. Started the cleanse and nothing. AND my blood sugar went from 100-117 in the morning to 150-170 in the mornings!!!!!! I did two weeks and one day, stopped and getting a refund. I didn't gain or loose. But my health and blood sugar is way too important to continue. I've worked too hard to be healthy. Advocare IS NOT for everyone.

  • Jo Walter - Lightweight but does not recline, breaks hard to put on

    Whilst very light you have to push hard to move the pram with a child in it. Also found that the breaks were hard to put on as the break pedals would get stuck. Wouldn't buy it again.

  • Amazon Customer - Thankful for relief

    It really does work! My husband was covered in poison ivy (he works outdoors) usually he sees it before it touches him and is able to use another wash immediately to help wash the urishol oil off but this time it got him without him knowing so I got him this the next day and he couldn't believe how well it worked. He used it as directions suggested.

  • B. Medina - I'm not a Juice Plus distributor - Just a consumer

    I started taking Juice Plus last year, which coincided with my fourth pregnancy. I have a pretty average diet, am average weight, and workout an average amount...not too exciting in that respect! However, this pregnancy, compared to my other three, was markedly easier. The morning sickness lasted only two and a half weeks compared to my standard eight. I had energy throughout the pregnancy (minus that two and a half week morning sickness stint). My baby was born at a healthy gestational age (39 weeks, 6 days...my others were at 36, 38, and 38). Finally, my labor (which was all natural) was great! I don't attribute all of this to Juice Plus, but I do believe it helped during and, now, after pregnancy. My children and husband take the supplements, as well. My ten year old does not care for the taste of the chewables, while my seven and five year old like them a lot. They still get the occasional cold, but it only lasts about three days, and they (nor my husband or I) have had any other sorts of sickness (i.e. the flu).