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  • Letitia - Five Stars

    I thought this was a good choice, but I was very wrong It does nothing for wrinkles . I use it tow and three times a day for thiry to one hour saw a change for about an hour and wrinkles was back. also the FaceFx only last for eight months . I purchase it Oxt. 15, 2015 , Aug 16 it no lonfer works.

  • Heather W - Amazing for the Price

    This little espresso maker is great. I purchased this one because of the price and the other reviews that said the coffee was great until the machine broke. I didn't know if my husband and I would use an espresso machine enough to validate the purchase of an expensive one, so we gave this little one a try. We've owned it since July and make no less than two cups per day (sometimes more). We have been extremely happy with it. The taste is excellent. The ease of use and time required is perfect.