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  • Shelby - Great Cables, Actually 4k 60hz capable

    Contrary to other reviews I've read, these HDMI cables are actually capable of 4k (3840x2160) at 60hz. I tested them with the HDMI 2.0 output on a GTX 970 reference model and a Sharp 4k TV. While it's a relief these cables are as good as they say they are, if your set up is compatible with DisplayPort I would very strongly recommend you use that over HDMI 2.0. In my experience so far DisplayPort causes less problems when gaming at non native resolutions. I often play games on 1440p because even 2 GTX 970s can't keep up with 4k gaming. On my 4k monitor with DisplayPort this isn't a problem, but on my 4k tv with HDMI 2.0 I lose my 60hz capability at 1440p.

  • Sterling Silver Magnolia - Works for me...

    I am a diagnosed Type 2 diabetic and taking Metformin and Januvia. I am still working on the first part of the book and already my blood glucose levels have lowered appreciably. My "dawn effect" has all but disappeared and I am having almost no problems following the diet in general. My hardest problem is finding quick snacks that don't blow the plan but I'm not needing those too much any more. I've been overweight all my life and this is the first eating plan that I think I can follow the rest of my life.

  • M. Dudley - If you are going to watch one paranormal documentary- this should be it

    I agree with all the other reviewers, the film makers were very funny. I thought they did a great job with a topic that has been over run with commercialism. It is totally worth the rental and if you are heavily into the topic I would buy it. It offers a good effort at objectively answering the question of whether or not ghosts are real.

  • Annie - This screen protector was easy to apply

    This screen protector was easy to apply. I love that it came with 2 screen protectors which provided room for errors. I did not have to stress too much about placing it wrong since there was a backup if anything went wrong. The pack came with wet wipes and dust stickers. I was able to clean the phone and apply the screen protector without any bubbles or dust. I was very pleased with this screen protector. You should definitely get it if you are in the market for one!

  • D Szew - works great!

    I worked for a green cleaning company and we would use this paste. I now purchase this for my home because it's amazing and does the job. It doesn't take much to clean and the results last! You simply wet your sponge and put a little bit of paste on it and you can clean your soap scum from your bathroom glass doors. It doesn't scratch and has a very pleasant smell.

  • Deanne B. - Love it!

    At first it made me jittery. By day 2 or 3 it was fine. Within the first week I have dropped 4 lbs and kept them off! I use it with the Fat burner drink mix and I am getting great results! Tablet in the morning and drink with lunch. I have cut down a lot of calories and have gotten more active. I am having great results with these. Great product!