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Women's Empowerment Cancer Advocacy Network - Women's Empowerment Cancer Advocacy Network (WE CAN) is an advocate organization for breast and other women’s cancers around the world.

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  • Chasity Bradley - Cheaply made!

    Made very cheaply.. even for a ouija board that has for years been made like a regular board game... cheap non the less... but this is a new standard of cheaply made... I have one made in the 70s-80s and even though it just made of regular game board material it still made way better than this one... Even with the cheap thin plastic planchette from then is better than the "light up" battery operated heavy version now... Planchette doesn't slide well either... Plus there were air bubbles all over the board insults... This wasn't worth the $14.00 I paid... I sure wouldn't pay the $20.00 every other place sales it for. The only reason it even gets two stars is for the design that is on the board which looks nice. Very disappointed in this purchase and the child that received it was excited till we started seeing how poorly it was made!

  • Diana - Easy program to use

    Very easy to use,had every thing in the program we needed for our taxes and it was the first time we E filed our taxes...very easy.

  • Christina - Love this bag!

    Quality item, very durable with lots of pockets. My only complaint is the lack of a single outer pocket. If that slash pocket on the inside were outside it would be perfect because it's a pain when you have it strapped closed in a crowd and you have to struggle to get it open to retrieve anything.

  • Leia709 - Great on a lot of foods like salad, vegetables, and fish

    I love Pace and it's great I can buy it in bulk. I use it on a lot of things not just chips... like salad, steamed vegetables like corn, and fish fish (mostly tilapia). It's also not TOO spicy but not too mild. Pace makes a really great mango salsa, which works great on other fish like salmon, but they don't sell a bulk version and it's generally not as cheap as this one.

  • Virgil Pilat - I was losing a quart out of my rear main ...

    I was losing a quart out of my rear main every few days for the last year. I put this in about a week ago and there is no leakage that I am aware of any longer. Still to soon to give it five stars.

  • Kiernan Meehan - wonderful

    I gave this book to a sibling of mine getting ready to take the PTCB exam. From what I have heard, the exam can be quite tough. So when I received this book and gave it to her, I asked her to spend her time using it, and let me know what she thought, if and how it helped prepare her, and what she liked/disliked. The highlight of what she reported back to me was that after being anxious for weeks about the test using another study guide, this book felt like an absolute dream to her. She felt that she was really able to apply what she had learned from her schooling, to this study guide in a way that made her feel more confident and ready for the exam. The questions that mimic what she has heard on the exam really put her mind at ease. She did not have any complaints about this book as it really seemed to be the most comprehensive and detailed study guide she had used. The ability to relate the content of her learning, to this study guide, to real life applications was something she was really impressed by. As a result, I can highly recommend this study guide. For the price, it is such an effective and comprehensive way to really get the most out of your training and education.