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Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD | Home - The aim of our research is to maximize continuation of use of the intrauterine device (IUD) by minimizing side effects in order to reduce unintended pregnancies

  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/research/ Research | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - Innovative IUD/IUS research. New IUD/IUS design brings a better form of reliable and long lasting contraception.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/products/ Products | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - These are some of the products that our research has been working on. All of these products offer innovative design and use advanced design to be effective and comfotable.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/products/gynefix/ Gynefix | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - All information about GyneFix. An innovative frameless IUD designed by Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/products/gynefix/insertion-procedure/ GyneFix insertion procedure | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - This page explains in detail the insertion procedure of GyneFix. Both illustrated and in video format the procedure is presented, so that doctors can review and familiarize themselves with the GyneFix insertion procedure.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/products/gynefix/insertion-recommendations/ GyneFix insertion recommendations | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - This page lists the most important recommandations Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch has made for insertion of GyneFix.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/products/gynefix/how-to-avoid-failed-insertion/ How to avoid failed insertion | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - This page helps doctors avoid a failed insertion, by listing the most common problems that could happen when inserting GyneFix;
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/products/gynefix/training/ GyneFix Training | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - Want to know how to insert GyneFix? On this page doctors can request a GyneFix insertion training, and get proficient in placing GyneFix in patients.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/publications/ Publications | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - This page lists all publications of Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, inventor of GyneFix. Most of the publications are also availabe on PUBMED.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/faq/ FAQ | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - This page lists some of the most frequently ased questions doctors are having. Is your question not listed here? Contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/misconceptions/ Misconceptions | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - This page will correct some of the common myths and misconceptions about IUD/IUS contraception.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/contact/ Contact | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - The form on this page can be used to contact us. If you have any questions, or if you want to request a training do not hesitate to contact us.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/contact/about/ About | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - This page contains a small biogaphy of Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch. Dr. Wildemeersch is the inventor of GyneFix a frameless copper IUD.
  • http://www.wildemeersch.com/research/the-small-frameless-iud-does-not-significantly-increase-menstrual-blood-loss-mbl/ The small frameless IUD does not significantly increase menstrual blood loss (MBL) | Dr. Dirk Wildemeersch, MD, PhD - Article discussing the impact of a small frameless IUD on menstrual blood loss (MBL)

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