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White Bear Animal Hospital | White Bear Lake, Minnesota - Located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, our animal clinic is proud to serve the communities of Bellaire, Gem Lake, Willernie & more! We hope to see you here!

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    I'm 59 years old and my feet are in perfect condition! I'll go toe to toe with any 30 year old. I've used Flexitol Heel Balm for years. I gently use a pumice stone in the shower then put my regular lotion on my legs after showering. I follow up with Heel Balm and soft socks until I climb into bed. I've never even felt the need for a pedicure.

  • snoh8r - There and back again, a lousy routers tale

    I should have really looked closer at the reviews for this product. And not just here on Amazon. Because when I did after I started having issues, I noted that I shouldn't have been surprised. First, it wasn't too hard to connect, or set up the WiFi. It was just impossible to walk 10 feet away from it, close a door, and expect to keep the signal. At least 3 times a day I would have to reset it because it would lose contact with all my wireless clients. Even worse, half the time my devices couldn't even find the WPS signal unless I was holding it right next to the router. The speed of hardwired clients was impressive and a boost (not measured officially, just an observation) over the old modem. But I really need the wireless. I had to go back to my old modem and reconnect an old (and dying....hence this purchase)router. I'm sending this old one back. Oh, and if you are as daring as I and think that resetting it to factory and starting over might help, heaven help you. I did that and had to spend two days with tech support overseas for Comcast to no avail. I was reduced to searching some obscure blog through my phone's internet connection where I found someone who was able to solve the issue.

  • __0__ - 3 stars for this kit, but 5 for the glossing cream

    The description for this kit is a bit confusing, there is mention of a bag, comb, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, and cream however all that was included in mine was the sample/travel sized shampoo, conditioner, and glossing cream. For only those three items the price seems steep.

  • C. Converse - Decent game and decent tool to learn some basics.

    First, I'm going to summarize 95% of the one and two star reviews I just read: "I am unfamiliar with PC games, may or may not even know what Steam is, and am unable to solve technical issues." Now, these are serious problems, and I definitely feel for somebody just wanting to play some guitar who runs into them and isn't used to this. But this review will assume you don't run into any show-stopping PC issues and that you have heard of this Steam thingamajig before. If not? I might suggest, if possible, getting this for a console instead. PC gaming is not for the faint of heart!

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