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Physiotherapy Treatments | Physio Clinic - Whalley Physiotherapy - The Whalley Physiotherapy Clinic boasts a wide range of treatments designed to improve the quality of life and personal performance of our clients.

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  • http://www.whalleyphysiotherapy.co.uk/fees/ Fees - Whalley Physiotherapy - Initial Assessment and First Treatment: £40.00 || Further Treatment (per session): £35.00 || Pilate Classes £8.50 – £9.00
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  • http://www.whalleyphysiotherapy.co.uk/symptom-checker Symptom Checker - Whalley Physiotherapy - Use this interactive application to compare your symptoms to a few possible musculoskeletal conditions. Includes details of some possible causes.

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  • Barbara Bryan - During the last three years I have been mentally stressed ...

    During the last three years I have been mentally stressed. Because of this condition, my internal organs have been swelling, which has caused me to have severe constipation. The Calm Anti-Stress Drink has helped me to relax, and now I am having regular bowel movements. I mix the powder with water, and drink it daily. Yes, I am thankful.

  • KimberlyM - Love the toner, hate the new bottle!

    I love the toner, but hate the new spray bottle! It doesn't spray that good to properly cover your face. It's so much more of an effort. I ended up pouring the new product in my old bottle, so much better. The packaging looks nice, but isn't cutting it....back to the cutting board! I also wanted to add that the toner has a wonderful fresh citrus scent. It's hydrating, but not oily and has done wonders for my acne/cystic prone skin!

  • Harold - Tough bar with great looks. Awesome and perfect !

    This is my second OUTAD Aluminum Alloy Riser Handlebar and I would recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a very high quality product that can take repeated beatings and still come back for more. I have installed these on my Specialized FatBoy that I custom built for myself and I like them so much that I installed the same bars on my Specialized FSR Stumper EVO. I will always look to install OUTAD Aluminum Alloy Riser Handlebar on all of my future mountain bikes.... I have to say that I am completely satisfied with this handlebar. If I could, I would replace every carbon delicious bits on my bike with every alloy part! OUTAD Aluminum Alloy Riser Handlebar improved virtually every aspect of the ride, from descending to climbing, to cornering. The Haven bar has a very intuitive shape, sweep, etc. It is light yet stiff and dampens trail chatter nicely. I highly recommend this product.

  • David Cline - Finally a Perfect Headset

    I have been using Plantronics headsets for years, and each always works very well but falls just short of perfect. I cannot think of a single thing that I would change about this headset after months of use.

  • samuel inyang - Quality pen recommend it

    i appreciate the smooth body pen writes with confidence thru' the ink quality. i wish it was a little bit heavier, i am okay with the performance and quality of my handwriting