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Formation diplômante Webmaster - Toulouse - Accueil - Formation diplomante webmaster reconnue par l'Etat. Lycée post bac Saliège Toulouse Balma.

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City: 2.3387 , France

  • v62cobra - Best stuff ever

    I am 30 years old and had very bad acne and acne scars due to having that issue growing up. My skin was so discolored from all the scars. and to make matters worse, I did 4 fraxel treatments, photo facial, and 3 different kinds of glycolic peels all at my dermatologist office. Since my skin is so fair the fraxlel turned my skin into a deep dark brown color and nothing would work to fade it at all. So even thought all the treatments i had done significantly smoothed out all my skin indention's, the melasma left behind was horrible, bleach cream and many other products would not even faze it at all. When i started to use this product, it was a life saver and in 4 weeks it was 1/2 way gone and after the 8th week it was all gone. Same with scars on my legs too. This stuff is the best ever!!!!!

  • danno - Range hood

    Bought this product as a hosewarming present for a house that I worked on but the lights are on the wall side when build in and very week , so youll need another light source .The fan has enough power and the style is nice /

  • Amazon Customer - I like the hydrating effect, the smooth texture, the even application and the design of the pump

    The eye gel is very hydrating. The texture is very smooth and silky. It's also relatively thin so it's easy to evenly spread around the delicate eye area without worrying having too much product in a specific spot to cause milia (white or skin-colored dots formed by clogged pores).