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Volunteer Now - Volunteer Now works to promote, enhance and support volunteering across Northern Ireland. Volunteer Now provides training, information, guidance and support to volunteer-involving organisations on issues of good practice and policy regarding volunteering,

  • http://www.volunteernow.co.uk/membership Volunteer Now - Membership - Membership of Volunteer Now is open to all organisations and individuals with an interest in volunteering. By becoming a member you add your voice to support volunteering.
  • http://www.volunteernow.co.uk/volunteering Volunteer Now - Volunteering - Volunteering can provide the opportunity to help others, gain experience, improve career prospects and meet new people. There are many volunteering opportunities available across Northern Ireland, search our site to find an opportunity to suit you.
  • http://www.volunteernow.co.uk/training-and-standards Volunteer Now - Training and Standards - Volunteer Now promotes standards of practice for volunteer management, child protection and safeguarding vulnerable adults. A range of programme courses are available for booking in each of these subject areas.
  • http://www.volunteernow.co.uk/supporting-organisations Volunteer Now - Supporting Organisations - Volunteer Now provides a wide range of practical support to improve how your organisation involves volunteers including research, policy and consultations, membership and specialist volunteering.
  • http://www.volunteernow.co.uk/volunteering/over-50s-volunteering Volunteer Now - Volunteering - Over 50s Volunteering - If youÂ’re over 50 and interested in finding out more about volunteering and how you can get involved Volunteer Now can help. Our Unlocking Potential Project has been helping people from all walks of life to find their One Good Reason to Volunteer.
  • http://www.volunteernow.co.uk/supporting-organisations/campaigns Volunteer Now - Supporting Organisations - Campaigns - Volunteer Now is involved in an extensive calendar of campaigns throughout the year to support the engagement of volunteers.

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