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  • Ryan McMahon - Good

    I was preparing for a drug test but unfortunately it turned out to be a mouth swab drug test not a pee test. The drink tasted like I expected it, sour. Don't expect it to be pleasant, you're doing a detox.


    Well, maybe you can, but only if you're willing to get sick occasionally. I'm not. I put this on my feet after a shower and before socks if I even THINK I might be getting a tickle in my throat. It beats down a case of the sniffles within a day or two. Without it, if my husband works OT at work (50 or 60 hours instead of 40), he ALWAYS gets sick and misses a day of work the next week. This oil stopped that; he just puts it on his feet every day before work when he knows he is working a lot and he doesn't get run down (or at least his immunity doesn't!). I've heard the nasty things they say about YLO and I believe they wouldn't say those things if it didn't work (nothing garners haters like success). I won't say that they are the only manufacturer of Thieves Oil that works, but I know theirs does so I don't seem much reason to try the others.

  • Mandi - Tastes Nasty! Makes Me Gassy!

    The pills are fine but I can't stand the taste of the powder. Not only is it horrible tasting but it is hard to mix/shake into the purified water. The product overall has been giving me horrible gas. May work for others but doesn't work well for me despite following instructions thoroughly.

  • Holly - Youthful skin.

    I have really noticed a difference in my skin. I truly feel my skin has less wrinkles and I look younger. The only complain is, it is hard to remove in the morning and I am often picking it out of my hair thought out the day. But that is a small price to pay for younger looking skin.

  • Sayspire - Nice Compilation of Kids Stories

    Good bang for your buck with this book. The author creates children's stories that capture the reader's attention, while others simply take up needless time as they're dry and long-winded. At an age of reason, children can sit back and read or listen, as parents can equally enjoy in stories that share love, life's lessons and overall good fun.

  • Amanda Cox - Old reliable.

    This has become my family's staple shampoo. It's great for frequent use (by that I mean, for me, washing every other day). It's safe for color-treated hair. I don't notice any significant fade of color when I use this, just normal fade. I would recommend this as it is versatile enough for everyone in my family. The smell is pleasant, and not overpowering. Lathers very well, leaves hair feeling clean.