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Zamenis LTD - Group of Business Advisors - Zamenis LTD - ZAMENIS provides extended services in management, advisory and mediation in various fields of activities. ZAMENIS extended network provide a great benefit to our customers interested to start doing business in countries where nothing has more value then the optimal local setup and network.

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  • Richard Campbell - Previously read earlier copies at the doctor's and dentist's offices ...

    Previously read earlier copies at the doctor's and dentist's offices during my visits. Recently subscribed to receive my own personal copies of this periodicals. I will immerse in its content to gain knowledge of current discoveries and inventions.

  • Anita - The Perfect Pair

    I really love this stuff. It's not runny and stays on the hair during my over-nite leave in. I would recommend this to anyone with African American Natural Hair. It makes the hair so soft the next day but the only problem I have with is it doesn't have the slip I would like for it to have but I created a remedy for that by applying the Deva Curl No-Poo Cleanser first and then afterward applying the TRESemme Flawless Curls Conditioner.

  • Barek Hunt - This actually works!

    I have been looking for a tooth whitener lately. A daily coffee can tend to discolor my teeth. I have tried the strips before, but i must have sensitive teeth, because my teeth would hurt afterward and i hated putting them in for half an hour at a time. This is easy to do, just moisten your toothbrush and dip it into the powder. Then brush for a couple minutes. I would say this is a treatment and not meant to be used as you would toothpaste, to freshen your breath etc. There is no taste at all. Be careful what you are wearing as it can easily spray off your brush and mouth and get on your clothes. This is a VERY black charcoal, so dont let it scare you when brushing, it will come off your teeth, when thouroughly rinsed off. Not sure if it would stain your clothes, but this isnt something i would do on my way out of the house. This came in a glass jar, which gets big points for me. Any quality product should be out put in a glass jar. It is SUPER fine, makes baking soda almost seem harsh and gritty in comparison. I have just used it a couple times, but i felt like I could see a difference after just one use. I would much rather try something natural like this first before trying a chemical. I received this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my unbiased review.