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LASIK Raleigh - Laser Eye Surgery Durham / Cary, NC - Dr. Dornic - Dr. Dornic is a leading Durham / Raleigh LASIK eye surgery specialist who utilizes iLASIK blade-free technology. Proven safer. Highest rate of 20/20.

  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/ifs.php LASIK with iFS Laser in Raleigh - Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Visit this page to learn about our leading-edge iFS IntraLase laser for a blade-free LASIK eye surgery in Raleigh.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/lasik_tech.php LASIK Eye Surgery with Dr. Dean Dornic - As a leading Raleigh / Durham LASIK surgeon, Dr. Dornic customizes all procedures to provide patients with the best possible vision correction results.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/prelex_restor.php LASIK Durham - Cataract Surgery Raleigh - Dr. Dorni - Dr. Dornic is a foremost Durham / Raleigh LASIK surgeon who also performs LASEK, PRK and cataract surgery in Durham / Raleigh.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/lasek_prk.php LASEK Raleigh - PRK Durham - Dr. Dean Dornic - In addition to performing LASIK in Cary, Dr. Dornic is regarded as a top Raleigh / Durham LASEK and PRK surgeon.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/myVisit/consultation.php LASIK Consultation at Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Dr. Dornic encourages individuals considering LASIK eye surgery in Raleigh / Durham to come to his office for a thorough LASIK evaluation.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/form.php Contact Us | Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Peruse this page to contact Dr. Dean Dornic, a foremost Durham / Raleigh LASIK and cataracts surgeon, and to schedule a personal appointment.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/myVisit/specials.php Eye Care Specials - Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Visit this page to view a list of specials offered by Dr. Dean Dornic, including iLASIK discounts and military discounts.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/commitment.php Dr. Dean Dornic | Laser Eye Center of Carolina Community Service - Learn about Dr. Dean Dornic’s commitment to community service and charitable contributions.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/near_vision.php Near Vision CK - Durham / Raleigh - Presbyopia Treatment - Dr. Dornic offers near vision CK in Durham / Raleigh for presbyopic patients who desire to achieve clear vision without glasses.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/monovision.php Monovision - Durham / Raleigh - Presbyopia Laser Eye Surgery - Dr. Dornic is a foremost Durham / Raleigh monovision surgeon who uses this procedure to help patients achieve clear vision both at distance and near.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/yourVision/ Understanding Your Vision | Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Dr. Dornic provides his Raleigh / Durham laser eye surgery patients with extensive information about various refractive errors and their treatments.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/yourVision/works.php How Your Eyes Work | Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Dr. Durham offers his cataracts and LASIK Raleigh / Durham patients a wealth of information; learn more about the anatomy of the eye.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/yourVision/disorders.php Vision Disorders in Raleigh & Durham, NC - As a leading Raleigh / Durham cataracts and LASIK surgeon, Dr. Dornic strives to thoroughly educate his patients; learn about common vision disorders.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/myVisit/ Your Visit to Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Dr. Dornic invites potential Durham and Raleigh LASIK patients to learn about LASIK consultations and evaluations, and how to best prepare for them.

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