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Like Accutane®, but safer - Vilantae by Evolution-X - Stop Acne like Accutane® without the harmful side effects. Stopping oily skin internally is the best way to stop Acne. Vilantae works like Accutane, stopping oily skin before it reaches the skins surface without the harmful side effects.

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  • http://www.vilantae.com/index-accutane.php The Accutane Alternative. - Vilantae by Evolution-X - Stop Acne like Accutane without the harmful side effects. Stopping oily skin internally is the best way to stop Acne. Vilantae works like Accutane, stopping oily skin before it reaches the skins surface without the harmful side effects.
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    I too was innocently walking down the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utahl when I got tricked into the Oro Gold store. Ironically, I had just purchased skincare from Nordstrom's and when the Sly, Pushy Saleswoman with the foreign accent grabbed my bag to see what I had bought she said you don't have a Peeling Cream and before I know it she was rubbing stuff all over my wrists and face, etc. The story is the same as the others and when I said "No Thanks" to the $170 Deep Peeling Cream and got up and started walking away she reduced the price to 50% off and immediately threw in a large bottle of body cream AND another of hand cream.

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