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  • Mr. K - Broken cases and not from shipping company. very dissatisfied ...

    Broken cases and not from shipping company. very dissatisfied. Disc was not damaged. Noticed that some of the episodes were deleted from disc. I watched the original on Netflix. On season 5 one was duplicated. I'm not going to send them back and hope it nver happens again on the broken cases.

  • Kaidyn - They really work!

    For everyone that says that this doesn't work, it does. I just had court on Wednesday, 2/25/15, and they gave me a 10 panel drug test or something close to that, but anyways I passed 100% clean. How? I gave about 5 days to stay away from smoking and drank water everyday and cranberry juice. I woke up 3 hours early the day of my court date, drank about five 20oz bottles of water, then an hour before my court date and time, I drank it slowly and took my time. After that, I refilled it four times with water and drank them and then I didn't drink, smoke, eat, or anything till after my drug test. It works, just have to follow the instructions. Thank you!

  • cacoga - Watch out for it slowing your speed

    I bought this because the vast majority of the reviews were positive, but our experience with it was the same as the reviewers who complained about it slowing the speed. It slowed our speed down so much that we couldn't load the content of simple websites or apps like facebook. I work from home and couldn't do my work over the wifi--not even tiny tasks like opening a one-page PDF that only had text in it. We know it was the router because when we plugged the computer straight into the cord from the wall, our speed was fine. I'm pretty sure it was also not a user error. My husband and I are not dumb or technology-illiterate. I actually have a minor in computer science and spent 6 years working in tech support, and I wasn't able to get the router to do its job. Maybe we got a dud. We sent it back, and Amazon was great about refunding it. I guess if you buy it, you should be aware that this could happen and you need to send it back before the time limit Amazon sets on it. It obviously has worked for some people, but it seems like a lot of the recent reviews are negative. Perhaps the most recent batch manufactured is defective.

  • DB Bramblett - Questioning the accuracy of this book

    At first the book seemed like a God sent. I read the book and spent many hours preparing myself to follow Shane Ellison “Take charge of your health in 30 days with 10 Lifesaving Supplement plan promoted in Shane Ellison, M.S. book “Over-the-counter Natural Cures.

  • Brian - great taste

    my wife loves the taste of this coffee not always in the store she finds all her favorites here on amazon and gets them at a good price shipping is always on time actually we get it before the estimated time of arrival so there is no complaints on anything packing was done very well on every part of the item so buy it you wont regret it at all

  • Matt Dawley - I cannot say enough good things about this product

    I cannot say enough good things about this product! I am IN LOVE. I noticed a difference the very first time I brushed, and a week later, the results just keep getting better. I had been using Crest White Strips for as long as I can remember with minimal results after a few days of using strips in a row. I have sensitive teeth so would often end up with that painful "zing" feeling in my teeth/ jaw afterward too. Tuxedo has changed all of this! Immediate results with an all natural, organic product that not only whitens immediately but helps detox!! No pain and no harsh chemicals (and not a bad price, especially when you compare to professional whitening or even a box of Crest White Strips)! Life changing! My friends and family have even commented on the noticeable difference, asking what I am using and ordering the charcoal themselves. I highly recommend!!

  • country chic - an apple (juice) a day keeps the Dr. away!

    My husband drinks apple juice( mixed with water i.e due to the sugar content) as he has to take a lot of pills and supplements. Aome are in powder form and have to be mixed w/water and mott's apple juice really helps with the taste. We use to purchase in the grocery store but due to having to haul a lot of apple juice all the time was taking a toll on my body as well as just a pain to lug. Amazon selling Mott's apple juice is really a great buy especially for a name brand and the delivery is just the icing on the cake!