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  • iwtgtp - I'm using it like a pro now

    You have to learn how to make it suction well then it'll keep you dry. Stay prepared for a few accidents the first time. I never used it without a pad to be on the safer side. After a few accidents, of the cup spilling the contents out, I'm using it like a pro now. Still I never dare to use it without a pad.

  • Vachi Spivey AAHCC - Handy-Dandy Cutter?

    I have degenerative disks with spinal stenosis. For the first time in YEARS I'm able to get out of bed in the morning without pain. I'm so grateful to the makers of this awesome bed. With one small exception ;P

  • T. King - A really good Chromebook

    This is my third Chromebook in over four years with my first being a Samsung 5 550 and my second an hp 14. They are both working and in excellent condition with no signs of slowing down like a Windows machine. This one reminds me of a slightly bigger updated version of my Samsung 5 550 which my son now has. While I loved my hp 14 with the free data I really want a illuminated keyboard and the 1080p screen was a plus, and was a must before getting a new CB. The screen is nice and bright and just beautiful. The keyboard illumination has five levels of adjustment and the first level is good enough for me. I like the speakers under the keyboard vs on the bottom, I can use it without muffling the sound. It's nice an light compared to the hp which I just sold to my friend to reduced the price of this one because my son didn't want it, he wants illuminated keyboard also. This is a great device with good battery life, the fan is audible when it's quite and comes on when watching video mostly.

  • james b potter - Great Classic

    So nice to see a classic game. Bought this for a toy drive but will have to order another for my grandchildren. It reminds me of life before video games when you actually had to use your brain to think

  • Chaz D - The more expensive wall mounts are overkill!

    I rarely write reviews, but I have been installing HDTVs for over 5 years and I am constantly getting questions from people asking which wall mount they should buy. Without exception, I refer them to Amazon and Cheetah Mounts. I've used over a dozen of these mounts for installations, and other than the built-in level being NOT trustworthy, this is a great mount and should work for just about any TV in the 32-65" range. I have used this to mount anything from lighter LCD/LED displays to large heavier plasma TV's and it supports all of them just fine. I have also used other expensive wall mounts in the past and so I can provide a comparative review.

  • Opeyemi F. - In the box there was another small box with Smart watch written above watch drawings imprinted on the box ...

    This watch arrived at my doorstep early in a small brown packaging box.In the box there was another small box with Smart watch written above watch drawings imprinted on the box and a bar-code beside of it.In the box theres a manual,a USB charger, and finally the smart watch.

  • Jeanette Roman - The Best Binder Any Sister Wife Could Ever Hope For

    This is a great binder for every man with multiple wives. Whether you need a wife in the kitchen, doing the shopping, or rearing children, this binder will make sure to protect each sister wife in her proper place. Does one of them want birth control? No problem! This binder will also come with an order of aspirin to give her to put between her knees! I'll even bet you $10,000 that this binder will not fly out of the airplane windows were they to open while you're on a flight. As a woman, I highly recommended this safe, 5-point binder. If you want more details, get back to me after the election.