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  • http://www.vagi-wave.co.uk/product-information Vagi-Wave. Prepare | Train | Retrain vaginismus , vaginal trainer , dilator - Vagi-Wave is the amazing 'all of life product' for women aged 16 years and above. Effortlessly prepare, train and retrain your mind and body to work in harmony - putting you in control today and tomorrow. Used while sleeping for 21 nights.

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  • Markus33 - Unbelievably strong. Just wear gloves...

    A word of advice--wear rubber gloves. I used this to re-glue my convertible top to the glass window after the factory glue failed. Folks online said this was the only product that will stick to glass. And while the "only" part may or may-not be true, it definitely sticks brilliantly to glass. Oh, and to fingers--EXTREMELY WELL. Between the 2 bottles, it's enough to last a lifetime. But trust me on the gloves thing--you WILL glue to your thumb to your forefinger.

  • Kelli - Practically Too Thorough

    Very thorough book, which is good. But the online practice test was ridiculously hard and went into way more detail than the actual PCAT did. Honestly, you can skim most of the book and do fine on the exam. It has WAY more info than you need. On the full length practice test from Princeton Review, my composite score was a 60%. On the actual PCAT, my composite was a 99%. I took the practice test three days before my actual PCAT. It is a good place to study, but don't let the amount of material overwhelm. You cannot POSSIBLY learn all what's in the book, and that's okay because the PCAT test-makers know that.

  • Samuel J Rosenberg - perfect fit

    Now I can get my jeep in and out of my garage w/o hitting the garage door frame. Boo-yeah!! Good product