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  • Irene McDermott - Resources and best business practices

    A great resource. If you're looking for business insight, tips, ways to approach potential clients and more, this is the book for you. I carry this book everywhere.

  • Jason M. Jewell - Fun for a little while

    This game is fun with friends and the single-hand remote works better than I expected for accurately determining my score. I only wish there were more songs, at least ones I don't have to cough up extra cash to get. Don't expect this game to keep your interest for more than 10-20 hours, unless you're really serious about dancing to pop songs.

  • D. Levy - Garmin seems too complacent

    I upgraded to the 820 from the 510 primarily for the navigation, so I wouldn't have to rely on my phone. It's decent enough for navigation, though most people might take for granted the voice-guided systems of their phone and be a bit disappointed when they realize that this audio functionality of this garmin(and I believe all of their bike computers) consists solely of playing high pitched beeps to prompt you to look at the screen for direction.