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Marine Medical Supplies - Marine Medical Supplies shipped worldwide all year. For over 35 years the health and safety of your crew & passengers has been the number one priority of Universal Marine Medical. Today we represent one of the largest suppliers to the maritime industry, carrying inventories of every healthcare product required on board your ship or vessel, from a simple pack of aspirin to morphine, first aid kits to specialist hospital equipment.

  • http://www.ummuk.com/Approach Marine Medicines Management System - Marine Medicines Management System. Universal offer a marine medicines management system for Cruise Ships, Tankers and Freighters at sea.
  • http://www.ummuk.com/Flag-Lists Maratime Medical Tables - Maratime Medical Tables. MSN 1768, Dutch Regulations, International Medical Guide for Ships, Norwegian Regulations 2001, U.S Flag vessel Requierments.

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  • J. A. Joseph - Saw this in recommended ads online and it seemed ridiculous but then this ...

    Saw this in recommended ads online and it seemed ridiculous but then this was in the Amazon Lightning Deals and I figured it was worth a try. I give my dog baths in the tub and she usually fills up the hair catcher every time. They get gross, I throw them out, and buy new ones. Seems super wasteful, so I was excited to give this a try. This actually works really well! If I don't clean it after bathing her, it does clog a little bit, but it's easy to clean and stick back in the tub. I will never use a different drain protector again.

  • Linda Murphy on - her best friend Suzanne Mills

    An exciting thriller by Kendra Elliot that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. Filled not only with pure excitement, but a spine-chilling conclusion as well. It's a must-read!.......After being summomed to a crime scene, forsensic odontologist Dr. Lacey Campbell, was still getting over the initial shock of what she discovered. The remains, were in fact, her best friend Suzanne Mills, who disappeared so violently, eleven years earlier by the serial killer, known as " the Co-Ed Killer". She should know, since Lacey watched her friend being taken away before her very eyes, from the monster himself, and once he was caught, testifying against him in a court of law. It seemed just like yesterday, and now they had Suzanne's bones and teeth to prove it, buried on Harper Developing. Retired detective Jack Harper, couldn't believe that they found bones and teeth on his property, but even more frightening, was the fact, that the remains discovered was a victim of the Co-Ed Killer. It also didn't help matters, that Jack once dated one of the victims years ago, and when he tried to push the thought out of his mind, he gazed across the crime scene and locked eyes with her. When Lacey first saw Jack Harper, she thought he was downright gorgeous, but she had to keep her cool demeanor she was known for, and remain focused on the case, but as much as she tried to concentrate, her mind kept going back to Jack Harper and that sexy smile of his. What was wrong with her? When Jack's old partner turns up murdered, he knew without a doubt, that someone was trying to frame him, but who? And why? Tired of being in the limelight once again, Jack decided to call on Lacey, since they both shared a similar past. Did they really put the Co-Ed Killer in prison eleven years ago? Or did they have a sadistic copy cat on their hands? Wanting to see Lacey more than ever, he needed to see her again for two important reasons. First, he wanted answers to his troubling questions, and secondly but most importantly, he was strongly attracted to her, and he knew she felt the same way about him. She was breathtakingly beautiful, sexy as all hell, classy, and smart, and no woman affected him like she did, not now, not ever! When sparks begin to fly between Jack and Lacey, more witnesses from the past are brutally murdered, leaving Lacey with a target on her back, while a cold and calculated killer plans his next move!.............I loved this book!.....thank you.....♡♡

  • Ricardo - New Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013 works with Windows 8 Professional

    New version installed easily and works with Windows 8 although not really a fully "app" format. Shortcut can be made to Start screen, and leads back to old Windows 7 style desktop to run Quicken Rental. Program wise very similar to last year's version, no real operational improvements that I could detect so far. Quicken pdf printer which installs as part of load cannot be used in other programs, which is unfortunate since could be another small benefit to buying such an expensive software.

  • Nathan M. - Great customer support to get the issue resolved as the ...

    Working well now but didn't right out of the box. Great customer support to get the issue resolved as the evo had to be re-flashed for my F150. Guy even helped me out on a Sunday to speak with me over the phone on how to execute their corrective action. I would recommend this product to a friend. Would have got 5 stars if product would have worked right out of the box.