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  • Amazon Customer - It works more like a really good food processor

    It works....I'm dealing with it. It works more like a really good food processor. Instead of getting a smoothy you get a little chunky shake. I've been mixing kale, broccoli, bussle sprouts, Berry's, fruit and bannanas. I didn't want to spend the money on the vitamixer. This does work just be prepared for little chunks in it. I've been using it everyday and it personally doesn't bother me. I like my Ninja.

  • Lexee Tigger - Great story!

    I enjoyed this story a lot. It was a good read and the characters really hook you from the beginning. Max and Lola Grace meet up in a bar and have a bit of an instant connection. Max doesn't think he's good enough with what he has to do tomorrow but he can't quite deny Lola Grace. They don't really exchange names and their connection just grows. Max wants to figure out some way to continue what he has with her because he doesn't want to lose her even though he has to do something else. They quickly get thrown for a loop when Max's new wife is Lola Grace's mother. There is a lot more going on than what you would think when you first look at that. Both Max and Lola Grace are hurting and they feel comfort when with each other but other people keep getting in the way and causing them problems. There is a lot that goes on in this story to draw you in and keep you there. It is so much more than just the taboo and explicit sex. Don't get me wrong, that is absolutely there and hot but there is a lot more to this story and these characters. You really feel for them and want them to find their happy ending. Once I started reading, I couldn't really put it down because I had to find out how Max and Lola Grace were going to get their happy ending. I was very happy with this book and how things ended up. I thought it was very well done.

  • Scrapbook Nut - Won't be without one

    I wore one out, so I had to get a new one. I'm in a wheelchair & this is light weight & so easy for me to use on my vinyl floors. It actually picks up more than my vacuum does on the hard floor setting. Won't be without one! I do not however like the wet ones. In my opinion, all it does it spread the dirt out thin so you don't see it. I use this with a bucket & a rag that I can take off, rinse out & just poke my rag onto it like I do the dry dusters.

  • TSabonis - Effortless Cloning

    I have been using this product to clone systems for the past year. Now this does offer other features, but the only one I have used is the cloning. I have a dozen systems at home (6 kids)and I am frequently playing with new configurations. With my kids systems I pop in once every few weeks and plug in the external hdd and boot to the acronis boot CD and make a new image. Usually takes less than a half hour. On my "play" system I have 6 different loads and an Acronis image of each one. This program has never failed to work flawlessly and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an effortless backup system.