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  • Tasha M - There is one story included that makes the whole book ...

    There is one story included that makes the whole book worthwhile. It is entitled 'Long Tom Lookout' and is by Nicole Cullen, a writer new to my radar. There is a lot going on in this story. The gist of it is that a woman is looking for her errant husband from whom she is separated. He is not to be found but when she goes to his home, she steals his pick-up truck and the five year-old child he had with another woman (who is now in jail for drug addiction). The child appears to be autistic. He barely speaks except to repeat words, and is fascinated with maps. She drives from New Orleans to Idaho and there secures a job at a remote site as a fire sighter. The story is about the relationship of the woman and the child, along with her attempts to try and understand herself and him, and come to terms with the dissolution of the marriage. The story's power lies with what is implied but not directly stated. It takes a writer with real chops to create a short story that stays with the reader without fading in its beauty. Ms. Cullen succeeds in doing this.

  • Mary C. - 5 Transaction Checkbook Registers 2014-2015-2016 Calendars Gray and White...

    They are just like the ones I get with my checks. I don't use checks much anymore but I still like to record my transactions just so I have a record of where money was paid out. The registers work for me.

  • Tom Rombouts - A solid addition to your investment portfolio

    At the recent quote of $6,800 (based on a par value of $8,450) I am recommending a "Buy" on these cables to my current clients. Outstanding market option commitments on this offering suggest potential for strong price growth over the next three fiscal quarters, despite a choppy overall financial climate. However, should the price fall below $6,400 I would get out quickly, and would strongly suggest looking at moving into Sennheiser earbuds instead.

  • Joel - Looks great

    MOPAR quality. No bolt design was easy to install, just re-use the original gas cap. Looks great and keeps mud and snow and slush off of the cap. Still torn on whether I should have bought a cover with a lock on it, but in the end very happy. Buy it!

  • GALOS - A pain, but worth it

    Bought this for my '08 Unlimited Sahara. It was a pain to remove the original frame, due to a piece of metal blocking even my slender fingers, but with a screwdriver and cardboard, it came out.