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  • Paula Martin - A Good Compilation

    This is my second Warped Tour CD, and I enjoyed a lot of the songs. I know from past experience with the groups on this tour that there will be what I call "screamo" songs on the CD that I'm not really into, but they've done a nice job of bunching them together on the CD, so I can skip over them quickly. This year's CD seems to be grouped nicely into different genres -- punk, rock, and there's also a couple of good electronic songs and even, surprise, a couple of "pop"-style songs. I'm no music expert, but I'd say that they've done a great job with this double CD. It's a good way to get introduced to some new and upcoming bands and check out some very good music that you won't hear on the radio. I already have a number of favorites that will definitely make their way onto my iPod. I recommend you try it - you'll surely find something you like out of @ 50 songs.

  • Charles Boston - Solid bike

    This is a pretty solid bike for the price. At 6' 00" with 32.5" inseam, this bike is the right size. However, if you are shorter than 5' 11", you may want to consider the medium size (even though Diamondback size chart says 5' 10" is ok) as this bike runs a bit large. It DOES NOT include the assembly tools (confirmed!!). Assembly was pretty easy, but you can't go by the absolutely useless instruction book (look to their website for guidance instead). Most of the bike was already assembled. After 1 hour basic assembly, I had brake noise on rear brake/rotor and noise from chain rubbing against the front derailleur. Knowing absolutely nothing about bikes, it took several youtube videos and another 3 hour to fine tune it. This included adjusting rear brake pad position, rear brake cable tension, and bending the rear rotor just a bit. On the front derailleur, I adjusted tension as well as the high and low limit on front derailleur. They seemed pretty difficult at first, but once you get through it, it will be much easier if you need to do it again. I then made sure that everything was tight and secure, in case someone at the factory was incompetent. Now it shifts very quickly, smoothly and quietly. The brakes stop effectively with no noise at all.

  • Lord of The Chavs - Bummer

    I put this away with my other T-shirts and before you know it it had devoured my Three Sheep T-Shirt.

  • Margie Rosenblum - It was great to try them and learn that I definitely needed ...

    I bought a pair of these hearing devices from First Street. They let me try them for 60 days and refunded my money when I returned them. It was great to try them and learn that I definitely needed a hearing aid. Thank you First Street.

  • Kathleen Mackins - Product works great. I used this a couple years ago on ...

    Product works great. I used this a couple years ago on my roof and used it again. Recommended to others.

  • Happy Mommy - Amazing!!

    I highly recommend this! Got it for my dog because she was a mess the week before the 4th of July--panting, shaking and following me around wanting me to hold her all night as soon as the first firework went off. Put the shirt on a couple times the day we got it before the fireworks started and then again before it got dark. The difference was absolutely amazing. My neighbors shot off all kinds of huge fireworks--some of which shook the windows and the dog was laying on the couch sleeping--anxiety gone. So great to know that she will not have to be stressed out all week next year before the 4th!