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  • georgie - Great book

    My reviews when I write them are not very discripted .but I just want to get across to readers the best way I can that I really enjoyed this book Heat goes again .Great book plenty of romance and ahh moments a fair bit of action strong men and women and a good plot about winged warriors needing mates from Earth.Makes you want to read the next one in the series and hope it is as good

  • David Jernigan - Memory up!

    I can only give the highest ratings on this product. I play bridge and after 3 months of taking this, I realized that I was playing better than I ever had in my life. My memory has improved. It's wonderful.

  • Ed Henderson - Difficult

    I do a lot of handy work, however never dreamed this would be so difficult to install. The mounting bolts supplied are not appropriate for this application. So you will have to buy you own mounting bolts. Get level and then to install the shield is tricky at best. Instructions are in broken Enlgish and hard to follow. Would prefer if vent lights were in front of hood instead of back. They light up the backsplash well but little light on range. End result the finish product looks good, and functions good.

  • Molly - Love it!

    This was a perfect fit, just as advertised. It's durable and doesn't interfere with the Kindle's functionality at all. Shipping was perfect - arrived just when it said it would. Would highly recommend this product.

  • Bill M., San Diego, CA - This stuff is for real

    My life has changed dramatically for the better since using the info in this book. At first I got a sub-lingual product but it didn't do anything. Then I got Secretagogue Gold and my God, what a change. I went from skinny to buffed. I used the Secretagogue Gold product for two months then quit because it is too expensive and too acidic for me. I have bought the powdered amino acids and I mix my own, like the examples in this book. I take the various vitamins and herbs at the same time and go to bed after a 3 hour water fast. Everybody is amazed, especially me. I'm so much stronger and healthier now. Don't believe all the hype about all these hgh products, go by this book. You'll be a buffed out stud at age 51 (my age) or whatever age you are. You'll laugh at the negative responders on this review page. Buy the book and read it. Good luck.

  • Texas - Not as good as BF Hardline

    Multiplayer: I will give this game 5 stars for the graphics, but I'd say that this is not even close to being as good as Hardline (the best game in the franchise IMO) or even BF4, so 3 stars on the gameplay. The limited amount of weapons does represent the era but it did get boring after only 15 hours of gameplay. Not enough modifications. Battle chests only provide useless skins. Who cares what your gun looks like if it sucks no matter what.