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  • Texas Mom - OMG, It Really Works!

    FAN-...-TASTIC product We are repainting 503 continuous feet of 5'-tall metal fence along the road-frontage of our home property, using only canned spray paint (keeps kiddoes busy!). In hopes of somewhat easing the job, we bought a couple of these SafeWorld Can-Gun 1 attachments, figuring its award-winning design and lifetime warranty made it a good prospect for our purpose. OMG, it works!

  • Julianna - Don't buy- I own three. I'll give 'em to ya free as they're useless !

    I own three of these and they're not accurate for humidity. They're "off" by 10-20%. I did know going into the buy that these are 'cheap', they were under 15$ when I bought them and I didn't buy thru amazon... I don't know why someone is trying to get you folks for 30$ on these now, but that's for another type of ripoff review.

  • Barbara Steffensen - Doesn't seem to work

    I bought this because it said it'll bring your veneers back to how they were when new. Well, it doesn't. Been using the toothpaste and accelerator for about 3 weeks and absoltely nothing has happened. They're just white but nothing like when I first had them done.....

  • Timothy Nance - Battery recharging is horrible. Extremely primitive charging circuitry means you have to ...

    Battery recharging is horrible. Extremely primitive charging circuitry means you have to be home the entire time it's charging and as soon as the level is topped off immediately disconnect the power cord. Likewise, running with external power can overcharge and ruin the battery. If you run off the battery to avoid overcharging it is very easy to overdraw the battery and it won't charge again. I had to buy an external charger and only insert a battery if I am going to use it in mobility. The battery compartment is held secure by approximately 8 screws that are a pain to replace each time. It sounds awesome though and I would give at least 4 stars if the battery charging components were higher quality. I actually highly recommend this but with the additional purchase of a good multi stage 12v charger which adds to the total cost.

  • Heather W - Amazing for the Price

    This little espresso maker is great. I purchased this one because of the price and the other reviews that said the coffee was great until the machine broke. I didn't know if my husband and I would use an espresso machine enough to validate the purchase of an expensive one, so we gave this little one a try. We've owned it since July and make no less than two cups per day (sometimes more). We have been extremely happy with it. The taste is excellent. The ease of use and time required is perfect.

  • Lovemonger1 - Highly Recommended

    I use this twice a year to prevent mold growth in my shower and it works great. Just sprayed on, let it sit overnight, then with a very lightly moistened sponge go over the job to get rid of all the residue drips and spotting marks. Love this product.

  • zonagirl - It would have been an entertaining little story.. ...

    It would have been an entertaining little story....if it was not true! I agree with all the other reviews as this is "scary stuff".