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  • KB Brown - Does the trick thanks QCarbo!!

    Great product. I expected it to taste worse but it's actually not terrible. Once you drink the cleanse just drink plenty of water and urinate as much as possible. It does the job and you will pass whatever test you may have coming up.

  • E. A. Roper - Not a good experience

    I am really disappointed in this product. Earlier versions were more step intensive in order to get ready to back up the computer, however the oldere versions worked. This version appears deceptively simple to use. Not the case. Plug in your external hard drive and Acronis recognizes it as drive F:\ on my laptop, whereas, when clicking on the "Computer" icon the external drive is identified as drive E:\ not drive F:\. Since there is no drive F:\ ,Acronis does not work properly. Sometimes it is possible to use the Acronis options to force it on to drive E:\ it is not always possible.

  • hensleya1 - Works but plastic cased relay a negative in my book

    Works but because the relay has a plastic case, if you have them energized for a long period, an hour or so, they get hot and melt. The circuit I have this on is less than the rated capacity and properly grounded.

  • James Gannett - Great charger, would buy again.

    Works great - Also, for my Moto Z Force phone, it is able to charge it super fast in TubroPower mode.

  • Alyssa - Waste of money

    I have used Moroccan Oil for about 8 months. I decided to try this after reading several comments from a variety of websites devoted to hair/beauty. After seeing some videos on YouTube, I decided to purchase this. I have medium length, straight hair. It is color treated and I use heat (blowdryer, flat iron) 2-5 times a week. This oil is much heavier than I expected. I knew that it was not straight argan oil, and was silicone based just like Moroccan Oil. It does not smell like anything except cheap. I used it on my hair 3 times, once wet and once dry, and also as an overnight treatment. It made my hair very heavy and greasy. I would not suggest this product. It is a waste of money even if it is much cheaper than other argan oil hair treatments. The difference is night and day.

  • Rob Ling - Great Quality - PS+ is a Must Have

    The PS4 is great. I am not going to go on about the console itself, there are plenty of other people who have done that. It is a good value, and as the games start coming out hot and heavy, look for it to truely shine as a console. PS+ Membership is a MUST. The games Sony gives on a monthly basis make it a no-brainer.