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Health Spa & Ayurveda Spa Resort - Better Than a Medical Spa - The premiere Ayurveda Health Spa. Relaxation, rejuvenation, natural therapies, yoga, and customized treatments for weight loss, headaches, chronic disorders, and more.

  • http://www.theraj.com/allergies/index.php Allergy Relief: Ayurveda Treatments, Natural Remedies Boost Immune System - Allergy relief with Ayurveda - allergy treatments and natural allergy remedies boost immune system - The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa
  • http://www.theraj.com/alzheimers/index.php Alzheimer's Disease, Maharishi Ayurveda Approach, The Raj HealthSpa - The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa has developed programs to helpprevent the onset of age-related cognitive disorders and diseases such asAlzheimer's and memory loss
  • http://www.theraj.com/anxiety-stress/index.php Stress and Anxiety: The Raj Ayurveda Spa Stress Relief - Stress Relief, Stress Management: Effective Ayurveda treatments for stress and anxiety symptoms, stress management at The Raj Health Spa
  • http://www.theraj.com/arthritis/index.php Arthritis Treatments, Natural Alternative Arthritis Pain Relief - The Raj Health Spa authentic traditional Ayurveda arthritis treatments, the most comprehensive natural approach to arthritis pain relief available today

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  • R. A. White - not sure about it

    after 3 weeks of using it my sugar jumped and blood pressure went up so stopped using for a week all went back to normal on Monday i'll start taking it again and see if same thing happens if so I will not take this product.

  • Luna - Grainy and Does Not Spread Well

    I love shea butter. I love cocoa butter. I make pretty much most of the skincare products that I use out of whole organic and simple ingredients.

  • Satisfied Customer - I forgot why I stopped using these, so I ...

    I forgot why I stopped using these, so I bought one for a big 'spray can project'. What happens is the spray accumulates inside the housing (the round part), and before you're done spraying, it starts DRIPPING on your work. But watch this: I (had it on the workbench) used a grinder to cut away much of the housing, leaving the bottom ring intact to snap onto the spray can. It worked!

  • Robert Frase - Cannot close the Velcro Flaps after inserting all 16 Rods

    Before I mark this as return as defective, I need the seller to advise how to close ALL of the outer covering Velcro flaps after inserting the 16 Rods FULLY into the Bowen's collar. I've attempted 4x to close the Velcro flaps. It is just not possible. And yes the rods are fully inserted. The material is too narrow and I'm not going to attempt to stretch it to get it to work. Closing one side only pulls apart the Velcro on the adjacent side.

  • Patricia Forester - I loved it. Can't wait for part two coming in ...

    I've read all of Bella's "Shade of Vampire" books and have been anticipating the release of this book. I loved it. Can't wait for part two coming in November as well as #34 "Shade of Vampire" coming in November.

  • Lynn M. Johnston - Order bigger -- sizes run small

    Good price, great shipping speed but the size she wears was smaller in this shoe - disappointed in sizing

  • Aphy San - Just like when you always buy something new you have to ...

    I rate this a four star since the book came slightly damaged and since I had ordered it new I would have thought it would have been packaged were you take off the film cover to actually open it. Just like when you always buy something new you have to take off the plastic. It is different than the one I use at school. This one has the index on the front instead of the back of the book.Other than that everything else is ok.