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  • http://www.thejoyfulshaman.com/pain-sucks/ Pain sucks | Athena, The Joyful Shaman - I could say this 187 + or more times a year, but pain sucks. I am very much trying to just get out one blog every Monday - and I have hundreds of ideas but I
  • http://www.thejoyfulshaman.com/the-wooden-spoon/ The Wooden Spoon | Athena, The Joyful Shaman - Sadly I took no pictures, I was not in "vacation" or "picture taking mode" at that point. My mother unexpectedly came for a visit and she reasonably requested
  • http://www.thejoyfulshaman.com/dealing-with-chronic-pain-part-3/ Dealing With Chronic Pain – Part 3 | Athena, The Joyful Shaman - In Support of Others Honestly this next section I want to almost scream. My biggest number one, if you don't do anything else do this is ASK. ASK if the
  • http://www.thejoyfulshaman.com/dealing-with-chronic-pain-part-2/ Dealing With Chronic Pain – Part 2 | Athena, The Joyful Shaman - I finally am able to sit down and get Part 2 up and out! As mentioned in earlier blogs, even doing the simplest things can be very difficult, I have had to

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  • Amazon Customer - S*** works

    I'm 215lb 6 foot followed the directions pissed like 2 hours after I took it s*** works like gold. I thought mine would be too dilated but it was all good.. Needed it for a new job..not some little s*** ass 15$ an hour gig either

  • Josh Rodriguez - It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the ...

    This is a hitters ball for sure. It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the average rec ball but once you get use to it there is no other ball like this out there.

  • Michael Douglas - Like sitting through an extended Saturday morning cartoon

    Like sitting through an extended Saturday morning cartoon. Liked the fact that there was more to the story, and see the setup for more, but this was a struggle to say we liked the movie. Wished I had rented it first.

  • ManaY - Nice subtle calm

    The CALM NOW Anxiety relief and stress support supplement arrived just as pictured and expected. This came in a nice sealed bottle. I Like the natural blend of ingredients. This bottle is clam looking and inviting in my opinion. I say this because it got my hubs attention. He is a huge supplement person. This was inviting enough for him to take the time to look into it and read on it very well. He wants to take it also, of course he will research the effects and interactions with the others he takes first. I think the natural ingredients are a good blend and make you relax easier and just balance those feels of anxiety. This provides a subtle calm and last for a while. I love that there are B vitamins in this as well. That totally helps with the energy. I would recommend for sure.

  • Elizabeth Caldwell - Says "no additional hardware required" Need camera and motion controller ...

    Says "no additional hardware required" Need camera and motion controller for another $100 to play this game. I am returning this product.