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The Jamu Shop - specialists in traditional remedies for skin, hair and sexual problems - Jamu is a creation of the local, native people who make their own curative treatments using all-natural ingredients. They then pass the secrets of the treatment down from generation to generation. Several companies have started to sell Jamu products designed to enhance health and beauty, but it has been said that the best Jamu are those made by the mother for her family. Here, at The Jamu Shop, we hope to offer you the best of the different traditions. These treatments range from the the Indonesian tradition of Jamu to the Chinese tradition of TCM. There are no flashy packaging or heavily made up models to entice customers.Products ranges from eczema care to sexual enhancements.

  • http://www.thejamushop.com/Keloid_paste.htm The Jamu Shop - Keloid treatment - The Hei Ba Gao or Black Keloid Paste is a classical formula revived by Hainan TCM Hospital in the 80's. It was first recorded in the Pi Fu Wai Ke as adapted from an old treatise. This unique formula, known as 'Black Keloid Paste' or 'Black Cloth Paste' has shown positive shrinkage and softening of the entire keloid over a sustained period of application. The paste is used to remodel keloid scars. The paste is prepared according to an old recipe.
  • http://www.thejamushop.com/Hair_firdaus_oil.htm The Jamu Shop - Firdaus oil - Facial hair in many cultures represent machosim, manliness and toughnes. Facial hair on older men represents wisdom and virility. This oil formula stimulates the facial hair follicles to grow hair. If you already have a comfortable amount of facial, this oil can increase its density and if you are looking to grow some hair around the mouth and the sides of the face, the Firdaus Oil can help.
  • http://www.thejamushop.com/Sex_Ibu_Lani_leech_oil.htm The Jamu Shop - Premium leech oil to enlarge and strengthen the penis - leech oil contains enzymes of Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches). Modern medicine uses Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches) to treat blood clotting for skin grafts. Another lesser known of the leech is the strengthening and enlargement of the male organ. The original formula was developed by the Javanese community.

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  • Richard Harris - i love them

    It'll automatically pause the music you are listening to in order to allow you to make / answer any calls ?

  • LaTonya Shaw - Scam. Stay Away

    Free internet, great idea but horrible execution by Freedom Pop and very deceptive practices. Word of advice, keep every email and communication you get because you will need it. Here's the situation, I ordered from Freedom Pop directly. I actually liked the device and the quality of the wifi signal.

  • Lillie N. Morris - Unable to choose a certain place to read

    There is no way to scroll to the book of the bible I am interested in reading. Have to start at the beginning of the bible and read through. I prefer to choose where I want to read.

  • Gma Teri - My new Book Boyfriend!

    I just found my new book boyfriend. Name: Jarek, Title: War Master, Species: Preor, Description: Burnished coloring, silky hair Green scales and wings. Oh and can turn into one huge dragon when necessary! Age: 500 and something (after 500, I'd just quit celebrating), Personality: Dominant, ah extremely dominant, likes to speak in one word sentences like "stay." Noble and courageous. Oh and as sexy as all get out! I'll ignore the fact that he has shared the "knowing" with Melissa. In fact, I'm not sure she deserves him. After all she fled right after they shared the knowing and that hurt him, mentally and physically. Yeah, yeah, it did her too but that's her own fault. Oh and I was given this new boyfriend in return for an honest review of him and honestly ladies he's HOT! Like WAY HOT! Worth trying to make your own book boyfriend but doesn't matter, he's mine!

  • Alisa W. - Perfect for Bulldogs!!!!

    So far the best pet shampoo I've gotten from Amazon! Perfect for English Bulldogs or any dog that has a ton of wrinkles. My bulldog has to bathe at least once a week or she starts having this awful funk. I've tried everything, even medicated shampoos from the vet. This by far has worked for us. It totally suds through her coat and you dont need to use a lot either. I was pleasantly surprised at how much soap was going into her coat with just a little amount. Usually after three days of her bath I normally have to use a spray deoderizer on her to get though till the weekend to keep her funk at bay but so far she still doesnt smell like her typical bulldog self. We get so many visitors and friends that drop by through the week and I always get so embarrassed because they always wanna pet her and love on her and she stinks. Not with this stuff! It suds in deep and takes a good while to really rinse out which I love because I know it's penetrating deep in her folds and wrinkles and where all her bacteria and fungus gather. 4 days after her bath and she is still super soft like puppy fur soft and she is still smelling good. Also it has not dried out her skin like most shampoos will where I would need to add a coat conditioner to keep her from scratching. This stuff can be used by itself and it is so good to her skin. I cannot say enough good things about this shampoo. I will definitely be purchasing again because now I am hooked! A big thanks to this company!

  • Charlotte Navarre - check writing

    my bank only supplies them when I re-order checks but I hardly ever write checks anymore. Everything is done online these days with cards