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  • penny's from heaven - I like this product

    Used on my kitchen hard wood floor to touch up after a week of heavy traffic and after I had used the Rejuvinate Floor Restorer product. Results amazing. I then used it on vinyl grouted tile in my laundry and got very good results. Make sure you properly vacuum the floor prior to use. Dust particles or dog hair will stick in the coating if it's not prepped prior to applying. I am in the process of selling our home and the Rejuvinate system has really spruced up my floors, cabinets and wood trim Now I can add venal floors to the list. Whish I had found these products sooner. It makes sweeping much easier because once the floor is refreshed dirt won't stick to it. This is a must have for pet owners.

  • hunter - ... hours of time trying all the other programs work fine but I bought it to burn

    I spent 2 days trying to make this work the slideshow program will not work you put every thing in when you try to burn it it dumps every thing and goes back to the start got it to burn a slide show 1 time after hours of time trying all the other programs work fine but I bought it to burn slideshows

  • Ray from PA - Love these.

    Our old stove pans were original equipment and they discolored fast. The old pans were impossible to clean, but these are easy to care for. Top shelf product. The cost is worth it and you get what you pay for. Buy it!

  • Derek - just not very good. Maybe they changed the formula

    Doesn't have the same taste it used to. Honestly.. just not very good. Maybe they changed the formula?

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic upgrade for my 2015 cb500x

    Fantastic upgrade for my 2015 cb500x. I use it with the stock signals just for the brighter brake light and 3 flash, it is perfect.

  • Cubbins - It's for the Children.

    Yes, these Lego Advent Calendars are expensive for what is in the box and every year there seems to be fewer pieces. However, my children love Legos, and love getting a small Lego gift every day in December. You are not only paying for the little plastic Lego pieces, but you are buying those smiles each morning in December as you children open that day's door and quickly snaps together the kit before leaving for school. -We will continue to buy these kits, even as the price goes up and the number of pieces keeps dropping.

  • Kraig S. Youmans - Great shoe

    I wear these without socks and I pull out the liner. The only complaint I have is that my last pair had the tongue attached to the shoe so they were easier to slip on and off and the shoe fit more like a glove because of it.