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  • BobC8949 - Warriors Never Return from War as the Same People They Were Before

    The survivors of the battle at Corpus colony finally arrive at Nightwall Station and become integrated into the STC (Space Territorial Command) the elite arm of the HDF. They soon learn that they have been handpicked for a special and dangerous assignment. The war of attrition that the Earth has known for the last 50 years is about to escalate into a full blown all out war and they are to be the core around which a new platoon, the Spearhead platoon is to be built.

  • Michelle - Amazing polish!

    My new favorite glitter polish! Only really takes two coats, but I usually do a third for that extra sparkle. Love it and get a lot of compliments on it. It's the perfect accent nail and looks amazing on toes! (:

  • JTL III - Historical and good story too.

    Good story and a view of the 1850 ish era. The time and view of the new York area are brought to life. The hardship of everyday life comes alive as you read on, captivating.