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STUD, z.s. - STUD - STUD, z.s. je nezisková organizace lidí s menšinovou orientací a přátel. Provozuje queer knihovnu, pořádá filmový festival a podporuje komunitní život.

Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • antonia hill - summary of house of fun

    I have recommended this slot to several of my friends. I love the different slot choices. I would like it if it had different bonus games as well. Love the bells and whistles as they say. Over all wonderful house of fun

  • bassdan - Not useful with .mts files

    As with many of the reviewers I ran into installation problems, along with computer hangs and inability to render a DVD using Videowave. I could load .mts files into videowave, and compose a DVD. After all that, I could not render the project to an image file. I updated all firmware, and installed all windows updates as tech support recommended. Still, after all that, I was unable to render a DVD. I have been using computers since the DOS days and have never had this level of problems with a piece of software. I highly recommend steering far away from this program.

  • Amazon Customer - big waste of money

    After reading the reviews I anxiously awaited the "miracle" part of Natures Miracle. Well after 2 full gallons applied all at once to my area rug (where my two little dogs had been peeing on the sly), you can imagine my disappointment when the odor only intensified. Now I had been seeing this comment in the reviews so I patiently awaited 3 more days before risking a close nose sniff. A close nose sniff was not necessary however as my whole house now reeked of old urine. So much for miracle... after reading more in depth I found that the natures miracle name had been sold and the new owner of the company name had changed the formulation, rendering it ineffective.

  • E. Flores - good guide

    I liked this guide because it gave important information in boxes in the margin such as ACT scores, acceptance rate etc. This made this a good book to help decide what were good safeties, matches, and dream schools. In addition the reviews of each school were very helpful. One thing special about this book was that this book contained information about specialty programs such as if the college offered a 3/2 program (this means you do 3 years at one college and then follow it with 2 years of engineering at another college and you graduate with degrees from both schools). I would definetly recommend this guide.