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Home | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - Providing comprehensive, high-quality veterinary care to families in the Rochester, New York area.

  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/ Veterinary Services | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - Our services include preventive care, nutritional counseling, surgical services, life stages care, boarding/daycare, and dental care.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/wellness.html Preventive Care | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - Our wellness and preventive care plans include vaccinations/parasite prevention, weight control, spaying/neutering, and dental care.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/oral-care.html Oral Health Care | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We provide comprehensive oral and dental care to dogs and cats in the Rochester, NY area.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/surgery.html Surgical Care | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We perform routine and advanced surgeries on dogs and cats. Our high-quality services ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/internal-medicine.html Internal Medicine | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - Through the use of advanced diagnostic tools, we provide services to ensure the internal health of your companion.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/diagnostics.html Diagnostics | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We use advanced ultrasound and digital x-ray technology to diagnose health problems in your pet.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/in-house-lab.html In-house Lab | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - Our on-site lab allows us to diagnose problems more quickly, saving you and your pet valuable time.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/pain-management.html Pain Management | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We develop effective pain management plans that are tailored to your pet’s individual needs.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/pet-boarding.html Boarding Services | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We offer a safe, welcoming environment for dogs and cats in the Rochester, NY area.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/end-of-life-care.html End-of-Life Care | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We provide pet euthanasia services to families in the Rochester, NY area. Our team offers compassionate guidance through this difficult time.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/veterinary-services/specialty-referrals.html Referrals | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We offer referrals to one of our trusted partner hospitals should your pet need specialty services or after-hours emergency care.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/pet-health/ Pet Health | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - Our wellness plans are tailored to your pet’s age and include appropriate vaccinations, parasite preventives, and nutritional counseling.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/pet-health/vaccinations.html Vaccines & Parasite Control | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We ensure your pet receives appropriate vaccinations and is protected against fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal parasites.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/pet-health/puppy-kitten-care.html Puppy & Kitten Health | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We help you develop a comprehensive care plan and schedule for your new puppy or kitten.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/pet-health/senior-pet-care.html Senior Care | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - Our senior wellness plans seek to increase your pet’s longevity and enhance quality-of-life.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/pet-health/pet-nutrition.html Pet Nutrition | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We make sure your pet’s diet is designed to combat obesity and other related health conditions.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/resources/ Pet Resources | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - We provide a wealth of resources on our website to make sure owners have the most current, accurate information available.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/news/ Latest News - Providing comprehensive, high-quality veterinary care to families in the Rochester, New York area.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/client-information/ Client Info | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - For the convenience of our clients, we offer many resources, forms, and other information on our website.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/client-information/first-visit.html Your First Visit | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - To ensure a positive experience, we encourage you to review what to expect during your first visit with us.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/client-information/client-forms.html Client Forms | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - Client Forms, Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital progressive, comprehensive care to the pets and families of Rochester, NY.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/about-us/ About Us | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - As a member of Monroe Veterinary Associates, we offer outstanding veterinary care to pets and their families in Rochester, NY.
  • http://www.stoneridgevethosp.com/reviews/ Review Us | Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital - Read reviews for Stone Ridge Veterinary Hospital: personal pet care & progressive medicine for dogs & cats in Rochester, New York.
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