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Medical Research & Clinical Trials - Sterling Research Group - Sterling Research Group is a medial research group in Cincinnati, Ohio that conducts clinical trials, research studies and medical research.

  • http://www.sterlingresearch.org/page/careers Careers - Sterling Research Group - Sterling Research is a well-established, dedicated, multi-therapeutic research center, conducting phase II - IV clinical trials, with two centers in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • http://www.sterlingresearch.org/page/arthritis-of-the-knee-or-hip Arthritis of the Knee or Hip - Sterling Research Group - Find out if you qualify to participate in the Arthritis of the Knee or Hip research study at Sterling Research Group!
  • http://www.sterlingresearch.org/page/enroll Enroll in a Clinical Research Study - Sterling Research Group - Fill out a form to find out about current & upcoming research studies at Sterling Research Group!

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  • Febronia - I love this thing

    I should have purchased this years ago. Such a small cost to upgrade the speed of your computer SO much. It took about 2 1/2 minutes before for everything to completely load on my old setup, now it takes 20 seconds max. That includes loading all peripherals and background programs. I love this thing, I will soon replace all my old drives with SSDs.

  • Holly Mast - Walking On Air

    Very happy with this purchase! After breaking them in for a few days it's like walking on a cloud or air! Very comfortable and light. Love the colors as well! Haven't boughten a pair of Nikes in years but now I will be a continued customer for their running shoes!

  • Lovestoshop - They arrived quickly and were package nicely. They are a good quality

    They arrived quickly and were package nicely. They are a good quality. This was our first experience with the VR glasses. The front panel opens easily and fits my iphone or a samsung device. The cradle seems that it would hold most standard devices. Once the device is the glasses you obviously can't control the screen with your hands after that just by tilting your head. Its a trip to watch the person who has them on their head. The glasses are comfortable and have a thick layer of foam that touches your face. The straps that hold the device to your head are velco adjustable and comfortable. We didn't know which game to install to use these glasses but figured it out after installing a few that needed a remote didn't work correctly. All in all these glasses are good introduction to the whole VR world.

  • Kelly A Pavlot - TOO MANY UNANSWERED scenarios in the rules

    Can a "7" get 2 pawns out of start? Can FIRE replace ICE? Can ICE replace FIRE? ICE rules say you MUST move...FIRE says you MAY move...if you choose to not move the FIRE ring do you still get to move your pawn the 2 spaces? Can a pawn receive the FIRE before it gets out of START? Overall it is a good twist on a classic game, I am just a stickler for rules so these scenarios caused a lot of doubt and took away some of the fun of the game.

  • Theresa H. - albiet very fine hair, but it is hair growth

    As we get older it just seems a natural way of life for some women to have thinning hair and for some reason some even develop that weird part in the back top (the crown) that everyone can see but us unless you use a mirror. that part just becomes harder to style over the more that time goes on (do so miss my thick hair). This product helps, it isn't a miracl but it does help. It is working working. I have new hair growth at my hair line, albiet very fine hair, but it is hair growth. That hair part in the back of my head is almost non-existent (very happy about that). It is growing faster at this time but I'm pretty sure that part of that is related to summer (hair grows faster in the summer). It is slow progress, but then the process of my hair thinning wasn't as fast as I think, it did take a few years before it really hit how thin it has become. I do take extra botin adjacent to what is in this supplement. I do recomend this. Don't expect a miracle, be patient (it has taken almost 3 months for the small changes I have). Try (it's the hard one) to stay positive and not give up and stop taking this, I am hoping that in the long term (maybe a year) the effects of this supplement will be greatly noticable (to me). Oh yes I also know that I will not be able to stop taking this (I am menopausal) I am just not going to change my body chemistry every, but if I can change my hair growth and get some back, well than it is worth it.

  • Kindle Customer - Slots, Slots, and more Slots

    Outstanding slots and themes. Love the daily gifts. Sometimes the downloading process is extremely slow or unsuccessful but overall it's a great game.

  • Tipp Teasley - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

    As always this was such a great read. I live how the Godfrey Brothers are with the women in their life. I'm glad they weeded out the weak links, and I'm love that they found happiness they all deserve. This series is a MUST READ....But, all of Lucinda John books are must reads, duh!