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STD CHECK SG™ | STI / VD / GUM / Sexual Health / Family Planning, Singapore - STD CHECK SG™ | STI / VD / GUM / Sexual Health / Family Planning, Singapore @stdcheck_sg: Singapore sexual health / genitourinary medicine (GUM), private & confidential screening / diagnosis, testing / check, and treatment for venereal / sexually transmitted disease / infection (VD/STD/STI) conditions, which may have symptoms in men and women -, Singapore. Private & confidential service.

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  • Tonya L. Beasley - Waste of money and time!!!

    Horrible is the only way I can describe this product's support!! I purchased this software and immediately had difficulty downloading it. I tried to call their tech support (what a joke)!! After 1 1/2 hours of holding, transferring, holding and transferring again....I finally got to talk to someone who spoke english clearly. Their answer to me was that I needed to upgrade my Adobe (what???). Honestly, that was their answer. I refused that answer so they transferred me to someone who could "remotely" help me. Again after waiting for a "very" long period of time (by this time, I couldn't even watch the clock"), the tech worked with me remotely. Well that was a joke in itself!!! It was almost as, his time was up with me so he told me that he was signing off and for me to take over....WHAT?? that's why I called them and spent my afternoon listening to music! Needless to say, he hung up....I tried again...it still didn't work...screw it, I sent it back in to get my money back. (That was the only easy thing to do with regards to this product).......Please don't waste your time or money on this product!!!

  • Tman - Excellent all purpose torch!

    Being a flashlight addict I go through great lengths to get the best lights ! The latest and greatest! This is one of those lights, I have owned and do own several Fenix lights I believe they are the best value at least one of the best values out there. This has a lot to offer , not to big ,can use rechargeable batteries , has 4 different brightness settings with strobe and SOS ! The 740 lumens is freaking blinding especially for a light this size! Well worth the $$ ! A top pick!

  • stillychic - Don't be like me and ignore the negative comments and ride them ...

    If I could put negative stars I would. DO NOT BUY. Don't be like me and ignore the negative comments and ride them off a picky user. Don't think that " oh I'm not looking to spend crazy money, I can be a thrifty buyer and live with this". This electrocutes and shocks you. Not in a good workout way. In a painful will give you a heart attack way.

  • Beryl H. Bray - Customer service & charging practices

    I ordered two (2) rabbits. I was charged for five (5)!! I was charged for shipping 5. I had to pay to ship 3 back. for something that was going to cost me around $13+ -- I ended up with over a hundred ($100!!!!!!!)dollars taken from my account. A check bounced and I was in the hole for close to a week waiting on some resolution.