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  • Robert_in_Chicago - Don't believe the positive reviews, they are company spam

    I have been reading the reviews in-depth to try to determine whether this product is actually one that people find useful and cost-efficient. Alas, you will never be able to tell based on most of the reviews. The company that makes this product just went public in November 2010, and even a cursory read shows that its employees and/or agents have been spamming Amazon with fake positive reviews. Out of the 50 reviews since November 2010, 16 are 5-star reviews and 3 are 4-star reviews from alleged customers who have never reviewed a single other product on Amazon. (I exaggerate a bit; those 19 "customers" have collectively reviewed 5 other products.) Each of those reviews is only a few sentences long and says little other than "I my wife / husband / mom / kids love it, what a great product!"

  • L. Lipsey - Poor radio reception

    Looks nice and fit my 2009 RAV4. But poor reception especially in the AM band. My broken-and-duct-taped-back-together original one works better. I will be replacing this.

  • JULIO BERARDUCCI - I feel lovely

    My skins looks lovely after using this mask. I don't know if it's the fact that it's a pearl mask and I feel like a mermaid with a fresh, ocean sea-kissed complexion after doing this pearl mask. Is there a pearlescent hue to my face after I'm done with this mask? Maybe. Or maybe I'm imagining it. Whatever the case, it is absolutely luxurious and beautifying and I recommend it all the way!