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  • Justin Zirkle - Not so good luck!

    I bought this meter with high hopes and was hoping it would replace my other meter. I along with many other people didn't like the fact that I had to scan the bottle of test strips each time I had to test myself. But if that was the only problem, I could have dealt with that. My readings were very inacurate. I would test at 8AM and get a reading of 120 and test my self right away again, and would get a reading of 165 or something completely different. I contacted iHealth and we went back and forth via email several times and they could not offer any solutions as to why my readings were like that. I asked if I could just send my meter and test strips back for refund since it wasn't working right and they admitted that it was a flaw with the product. I went about a month and a half without a response. Finally, they got back to me with a shipping label and told me to send my meter back and all of the test strips back and I would get a refund. I sent it back to them several months ago and have have not gotten any response from them. I have tried to contact them several times and no responses. Which is sad, because I had really high hopes for this product. The price is right, test strips are affordable and it works with my iPhone.

  • Yoshi - Perfect 10/10 ball!

    Absolutely stunning and perfect! This is the only ball that you will ever need. Only downside i suppose is, if you do not dry it frequently in a set, the ball slips off easily. But so far, I have not heard any complains from my team on this ball. Well worth the investment!

  • Shob - is it a real pack? if yes- how come it's lower then the market value?

    I don't understand how USANA is selling packs for $100+ and here its less then half of that price? Are these real products or a copy????

  • Jennifer L.R. - It's like butta'

    I adore this mask. I use it once a week on my heat-weary hair and once a week on my daughter's swimmers hair. I let it soak in for about 5-10 minutes and it performs miracles. Plus the smell is so yummy. I know several people who swear by coconut oil masks, but honestly I've received better results (and less messy results) from this mask.

  • Ben Moore - No idea if it works...is the absence of stink proof?

    To be totally honest, I have absolutely no idea if these do anything at all. We purchased a set of Maytag Duet HE washer/dryer when our old washing machine bit the dust. Prior to purchase, the service guys that I have used for years recommended we pick these up to keep things running smoothly and not smelling of mildew over time. This is ON TOP of leaving the door open after running loads to allow the drum/gasket to dry out. My washing machine flashes on the cleaning cycle when it thinks it needs it, when this happens I throw in a tablet and run the cycle and call it a day. Having owned the machine less than a year, I've run 5 or 6 tablets through and it seems to be working. Of course, I can't say what would have happened if I hadn't. Placebo or not, if a service guy I know and trust recommends I run this through occasionally I'm game.

  • Cindy Burnett - The combination of Walt Longmire and Devils Tower make a great story

    After reading An Obvious Fact by Craig Johnson, I now have two favorite mystery series – the Walt Longmire books and the Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box. Interestingly enough, they both take place in Wyoming. I had seen the Walt Longmire books at my local mystery store for years and had never gotten around to starting them. Recently I received this ARC from First to Read right around the time that I learned “Longmire” was a series on Netflix. My husband and I have been binge watching “Longmire” (which is fantastic), and I finally began the book series, starting with book 12. I absolutely loved it! Now I need to go back and read books 1-11. Walt Longmire is the perfect protagonist, and Vic and Henry are fabulous sidekicks.

  • Marcos Feitosa - Wonderful album, horrible version.

    Pink Floyd "The Wall" is my all-time favorite album. If I had to bring one CD (or a set of CDs, in this case), that's the one I'd bring.