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    This product is a miracle worker. I have already recommended it to my neighbors. I live in a high rise and get spiders on my balcony on the 53rd floor. One good spray with this product did the trick. I wish I had known about it years ago.

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    Very quick setup and easy to use. Starts up much faster than my PlayStation, and downloading apps is a breeze. Seems to load my shows much quicker as well. Smaller than I expected, about the size of a 5x7 photo album. I love that it uses a Bluetooth connection that doesn't require line-of-sight to the remote, so you can place it behind your TV or other devices to save shelf space.

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    This stuff is amazing. My husband periodically sleep walks and I often wake to him urinating on the floor. This stuff completely eliminates the stains and odors. Now I just let him do his thing since your not supposed to wake a sleepwalker. Thanks Natures Miracle!

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    Been getting bladder infections every few months for about a year so got on line and did some research. So glad I found these. As son as I feel an infection coming on I start on these and have not had to go back to the Dr or take antibiotics since.

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    Before I bought this product, I used to cook "lechon kawali" by frying via stovetop. This amazing infrared oven has changed the way I cook certain things and have lessened the mess I have to clean up in the kitchen. No more oil splatters and food cooks evenly. My roasts (chicken, pork, beef) come out moist inside and crispy on the outside and the food tastes good and the flavor is sealed in. Even cooking bacon is easy! I was so pleased with this product that I bought my sister a unit for Christmas. I highly recommend this to everyone who loves to cook and who wants to eat healthy, delicious meals.