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Home - Sovereign Radiology provides a new perspective in medical imaging. Our service is focused on patient centered care.

  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/radiologists/ Radiologists - Sovereign Radiology - In an era when there is an expectation that radiologists have sub-specialist skills, the Sovereign Radiology radiology team is qualified in the latest technology.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/patients/ For Patients - CT Cardiac Calcium score is a non-invasive test used to provide an estimation of the amount of coronary artery plaque a patient may have.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/patients/computerised-tomography-ct/ Computerised Tomography - Sovereign Radiology - Computerised Tomography uses an X-Ray machine and advanced computer programs to create two and three dimensional images of your body.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/patients/mri-scan/ MRI Scan - Sovereign Radiology - MRI scans use a strong magnetic field and pulses to create high resolution images of selected anatomy and injury present with exquisite and precise detail.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/patients/ultrasound/ Ultrasound - Sovereign Radiology - An Ultrasound scan uses high frequency sound waves to create pictures of soft tissues (eg. muscles, tendons, glands) and organs inside the body.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/patients/cardiac-calcium-score/ Cardiac Calcium Score - Sovereign Radiology - CT Cardiac Calcium score is a test used to provide an estimation of the amount of coronary artery plaque a patient may have by using a CT scanner.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/patients/interventional-procedures/ What is a Joint Injection? - The aim of a joint injection is to local anaesthetic medication into a joint or soft tissue to reduce the inflammation and provide pain relief.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/patients/non-invasive-vascular-imaging/ What is a Doppler Ultrasound Scan? - A Doppler ultrasound test uses reflected sound waves to see how blood flows through a blood vessel.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/patients/oncology-cancer-imaging/ Biopsy and FNA - A biopsy involves the use of a larger needle which removes a solid core of tissue (also called a core biopsy) and is therefore slightly more invasive.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/patients/nuclear-medicine/ Nuclear Medicine - Nuclear Medicine involves an injection of a small amount of radioactive tracer that shows the function and structure of the human body.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/referrers/accessing-images/ Accessing images and reports - Sovereign Radiology - Sovereign Radiology aims to provide a number of methods for referring doctors to access their patients’ reports and images.
  • http://www.sovereignradiology.com.au/services/referrers/referral-pads/ Referral Pads - Sovereign Radiology - Referring doctors may also complete the web form below to order new Sovereign Radiology referral pads. We will arrange delivery as soon as possible.

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  • jka0282 - Just ok, Better options available

    I'm a big fan of Uppababy - I've purchased the Mesa car seat, base and the Uppababy Vista stroller. It seemed only logical to me that I purchase the stroller organizer to go along with the Vista. After using it twice, I wasn't really impressed. The positives are that it (1) fits nicely on the stroller by two side velcro straps; and (2) is convenient for storing items as it has a cup holder pocket, front open pocket (good for cell phone or anything you want accessible) and back zippered pocket (which is small, but nice for keys). Now for the negatives - (1) The cup holder slot is fairly shallow and is really only best for a bottle of water (with cap) or smaller cup. I took my chances with a small coffee cup and unfortunately it spilled all over the organizer (the instructions specify that it shouldn't be used with a hot beverage - I took my chances anyways, and while it held the beverage container fine, it certainly was not ideal). I personally prefer a holder that can accommodate different size beverage containers. It was also not an ideal fit as it only held one beverage container - something I didn't think much about before purchasing, but after going on walks with my husband and baby, two cup holders are preferable. (2) The pockets are really only perfect for a phone and keys - if you have anything larger it likely would not fit well and would best be stored in the compartment underneath the stroller. (3) The price is a negative for me - it didn't break the bank, but it was expensive for a sub-par product (in my opinion obviously). After using this just twice I purchased a different 'universal' stroller organizer from Amazon that was under ten dollars, and that could accommodate two beverage containers and hold more items. This isn't a bad product, I just think there are better options out there.

  • Sarah - No Longer The Best. ZERO STARS IF I COULD!

    I have 3 kids so far, and have been loyal to First Response since 2009 (7 years!) These used to be the best tests, and would always give me my earliest positive, but they have changed them, and I find them no longer reliable. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS OF I COULD!

  • wanderingwayne - Good Antivirus

    It has done everything it says it's supposed to do, as far as I can tell. I installed it and let it do it's job. It works.

  • Michele - Great book- must for pre-meds

    This is a great book on all the MD schools in the US and tells you all the basic info about each school. Only downside is that it does not include DO schools.

  • B. Pearce - Great bike for the buck

    This is really a 3.5 star review. Essentially a great bike at this price point that is easy to put together (assemble) with one notable exception. The crank set and pedals are cheap. The pedals did not thread into the cranks properly. Rather than becoming a tool-and-die expert, I bought a new cranks, a new sprocket and new pedals. At that point I felt cheated. Kink needs to improve quality control with the cranksets. Since then no problems.

  • Claudette M. Giroux - 2013 Jeep 2 door JK

    Exactly what I needed to cover the console and give purchase to my dog for getting in the back seat.