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Sophia Thiel - the 12-Week-fitness program - Sophia Thiel will help you to get in the shape of your life. You can do it - with effective training, healthy eating and Sophia’s personal tips.

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  • Tony D'Abate - Katie bar the door!

    If you enjoy farting like an elephant (use your imagination) who just ate 500 pounds of prunes, 300 pounds of broccoli, 400 pounds of beans and a 200 gallon drum of colonoscopy prep, then you will LOVE these yummy little gummies! So if it isn't working out with your girlfriend, eat a bag of these babies, get in the car in the dead of winter and take about a five hour road trip...problem solved. Trust me!

  • 8itfun - This was a perfect costume. I was very happy with the quality

    This was a perfect costume. I was very happy with the quality. The back pack is not attached to the costume so it can be used without the costume. Would recommend to anyone who has a Paw Patrol fan!

  • Jos TP - Language issue

    Just received last night, Didn't have much time to play with it yet, the Galaxy Note is nice and fast. Unfortunately, it was made for Chinese (HongKong) originally as default language that has not mentioned to the Amazon website. My recommendation is looking for the note that is in your language as default.

  • Amazon Customer - Results not worth the trade-off.

    Total garbage. Within an hour of taking this stuff I became light-headed and anxious. Yes it did heighten my orgasm some but the trade-off was definitely not worth it. I took it on a couple of different nights and experienced the same unpleasant conditions both times. I now have a nearly full bottle of the stuff sitting in my cabinet. I thought it sounded fun but my natural orgasms are just fine without this junk..thank you.

  • R. L. Doty - Run--do not walk--away from this gadget

    The scanner itself is an okay piece of equipment. Granted, it does need work on the guides for the documents, as they all get pulled in crooked. That said, my intention was to file this stuff away and not worry about it again unless I really needed some piece of paper.